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December 2018

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To wean or not to wean

Compared to when I first started exclusive pumping, the effort required to pump a day’s feed now is like 3/10. It used to be like 149582672/10 - it was hellish. Now, I only pump 3 times a day, although each pump takes up to 35-40mins. Because it takes considerably much lesser efforts now, it feels a bit of a waste to give it all up. Like hey, just 1.5 hours a day and I can save $200 a month! And hey. Baby gets his antibodies and mummy gets to lose weight!

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the one where I pumped and dumped

Before the year ends, I wanna jot down my memories of our trip to London during the last week of my maternity leave. Bao was with my MIL so he was in better hands actually, so nothing to worry for me. At 4.5 months, he likes whoever who can feed him, so really, nothing to worry for him too! No separation anxieties. I was going to wean off before the trip and before I start work, so I dropped to 3 ppp and surprisingly, the supply didn’t dip!

天上的云喜欢吃什么? ☁️

Am so glad Christmas is over. Its not that I don’t like Christmas, I like it alright. The atmosphere is very joyous and relaxed in December, everywhere looks pretty and nicely decorated and everyone looks happy! This year, it was double the joy for me since my boss was away from 1 Dec till today! Whee!

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Sleep Training Boot Camp

For the past 7 days that we paid for sleep training with a consultant, Bao slept like the perfect textbook baby - sleeping and waking up at all the stipulated timings recommended by the consultant. Not only was he sleeping through the night, he would sleep for not 8... not 12... but close to 13 hours straight!!! Asleep by 830pm, and waking up only at 9am the next day!

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Bao turns 6 months today! And is almost 3 times his weight at birth!

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