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April 2019

When I was breastfeeding “full-time”, I never had to go hungry. I mean, I was hungry all the time. But once the hunger pangs hit, I’ll reach out for something to eat. No guilt at that somemore. Coz the more I ate, the more milk I could have! Plus, I ate relatively healthy stuff only. But after breastfeeding for 9 months, I’m so not used to 忍饿! Not that I was good at it to begin with! Sigh. No choice tho. In the spirit of 减肥 😭#dayremummies

March 2019

Today’s the first day in 9 months that I don’t have to pump before I go to bed!I’ve dropped to 1 pump! 👾🎇

My husband insisted that nobody uses the phrase “9 months postpartum”. Initially I was puzzled, and for a moment I thought he was correcting my grammar or something. But no...He followed by saying, 9 months is too long to be associated with postpartum, u wouldn’t say that your mum is 30 years postpartum, would you. 🖕🏾😠🤬

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