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Musings of a SAHM

May 2019

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Went to get some SKII products for my mil for mother’s day, and got a free skin review. Happy to see the results cos at least my efforts on skincare pay off somewhat.

April 2019

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Little Angels

I’m so happy for Kelda today.Brought her to Buds after her sch and she found playmates there! This might sound like nothing unusual, kids play together at playgrounds all the time, but it is very rare for Kelda.Socially, she’s not very apt at making friends or interacting with kids in general. She’s also usually more interested in playing on her own or with me. The few times she showed interest in joining other kids, she doesn’t know what to say to them and got ignored 😭

March 2019

Losing a child

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

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Thaddeus fell in school πŸ˜”

Got a call from the school and was told Thaddeus fell and hit his head. Again.This is the 2nd time he fell from a chair/bench and hit his head in less than 3months in school. When I went down to fetch him about 20min later, there was a huge red bump at the back of his head *heartbreaks*

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Last night at Glen E a&e. Sigh.Her fever spiked to 40.3 when me and hubs came home from dinner at ard 10.20pm even though helper had given her nurofen at 9pm. She looked so weak and tired and her cheeks were red so I told hubs let’s head to the hospital.I was super heart pain but not too worried becos whenever she catches something, her fever spikes really high and it’s difficult to bring it down with oral meds. Only suppository works for her and it’s late so no choice had to go to a hosp.

February 2019

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Fish stock in progress- fish bones- tomatoes- yellow onions- ginger- dried scallopsI use it for fish porridge (add cauliflower or papaya) or to cook noodles (add spinach). Really useful to have some frozen stock around on days when I have no time to prepare dinner for the kids. Just throw in some spinach, noodles and fish slices and a tasty and healthy meal done βœ…

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