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August 2019

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Lunch hour run today

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Comb hair comb till break 🤦🏽‍♀️

Work is so draining recently ....Took on another portfolio ( or rather being thrown at 😂 ) which requires so meticulous coordination that my eyes feels soooo tired looking at the documents ... Initially I was so pissed being thrown but spoke to my lady boss then begin to understand the reason Cos the current person can't manage ... Not saying I'm capable ... But it's a tedious process so I have concerns too ... & Higher chance of me making a mistake 😅

I agree, I'm too toxic for you ... It's better we keep it this way .. In fact , I do feel you treat me better when we are not together. So irony rite * bitter laugh * Had a dream that day. And when I research it , there's 2 interpretations ; I'm too dependant on someone / something that I'm practically leeching on it. Another is well, my health is heading to the worse... Should enjoy this distance we are having now ... I still get to see / talk to you.

When two are not so happy being together anymore means it's really think to reconsider ....

July 2019

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Work's good but getting too lonely here .. I'm mostly lunching alone which I'm fine most of the time cos I do enjoy my solo time to read dayre or surf net .. But recently I do feel the loneliness kicking in at work ... I missed having close friends / colleagues whom I can talk abt everything like last time in the ex-co Here ; ppl are nice but distance ... Their lunch are very unpredictable & lunches in so I'm usually alone... I misses the human interaction 🤣

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