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July 2019

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how hard to work in a job? how much efforts?

So I have been thinking recently la..How much effort should one put into work?When I left my auditor job in the Big4s (you can refer to my old post on audit!), I thought for sure I have seen enough, I want to just grasp a 9-5 job, No OT, and that’s all!

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I just bought my 1st balenciaga // current bags!

*photo credits to Google*I bought a Balenciaga in silver hardware - metallic edge city - cream latte!🤣 I know I wanted The Black Bag (just like how every lady needs The Black Dress) but I still haven’t found it. I suppose I will resume my search only when I am resuming on a job search (at least after 2-3 years I hope)

June 2019

thoughts: before leaving a job

I’m the sort that believe, before ever leaving a job.. Best to have a back up plan. You can have a break, but try to secure a job before you leave the previous one..Probably is OCD.. But having a gap in my resume makes me nauseated.. Especially if interviewers ask over and over what I did during the gap period of being jobless.So gonna document down my “Grand Exit Plan”!

天有眼One of those that gave me a hard time in my old jobs.. I just heard today she didn’t get promoted AGAIN. Mind you, being stuck for some years at an associate rank is bad, if you are in a Company like Audit where progression is supposed to be fast-track....I think I will write about how I moved out of my first job. As a closure to all this pent up frustrations I have on some people? Like frustrated even though I have long left the job?Past 12am I’ll start writing again.😆

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a good co & a bad co (work related)

After sometime now I’m still emotionally scarred by one of my jobs.. I met some of the worst people in there.* Ok back after a long day!! Since is late I’ll just try to be more concise. And delete some earlier writings because a bit messy 🤣🤣🤣*Someone wise once told me:YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE CULTURE.If not happy, just leave.The thing about shitty people, is they won’t leave. And I thank God everyday they won’t leave and join my new Co 🤣🤣🤣 which is 1000x better.

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review and spoilers: MiB // disliking KIDS

Men In Black: International - is one of the worst movies I watched this year. Legit.#movies

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