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Teacher to Cruiz on everything Singaporean.

August 2019

My son woke up at 11pm, refusing to go bk to sleep, we left him to play. Suddenly all was quiet so i peeked at him and he was licking the wall. Lollllll

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Genting Highlands

We just came back from Genting Highlands! It was exhausting 苦e left at 5am on Friday and only reached at 2.30pm ... the jam was terrible but bei was well behaved. When coming back today, we left at 12pm and reached around 6.15pm. My son screamed his way down. He was so noisy omg.I have a trip scheduled for nov but I’m thinking of cancelling it 丹‍儭 We are going to Japan in dec and that’s confirmed. I hope he behaves!!!

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Woke up this morning by my son stomping his feet on my back. It was his cue that he wanted to nurse lol ...Few days back, Cruiz took a video of him rolling and resting his head on me, touching my hair, tapping me... but I was fast asleep. He wanted to nurse but he was so quiet I didn’t hear him. It was a sweet sight when I saw the video. Nursing him at this age is so fun! He decides which position he wants (sometimes weirdly, like sitting position) and he caresses my face when nursing.

iOS system has been upgraded. My son can stretch out his arms when he wants us to carry him.At the changing table (of all places lol), Cruiz realised he could clap his hands. I verified a couple of times by clapping and he follow suit.Wah when’s the next update!

July 2019

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We’ve been dreamfeeding bei with formula whenever we can but he still wakes up minimum twice to nurse. Sometimes we don’t even have the chance to dreamfeed him cause as soon as I climb into bed, he wakes up to nurse. 憟嗅單餈銋嚗嚗I thought babies generally sttn at 6mo but after reading some posts and hearing from friends, I think bei will sttn only at 1yo or later. Rare pokemon indeed. He is co-sleeping with me while Cruiz sleeps in the nursery lol so lucky, I also want undisturbed sleep...

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