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July 2019

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Selling Adidas x Disney

Selling Adidas x Disney shoes for boys at $35. Brand new unworn as it was too small for my boy.

May 2019

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Printouts done! Now I need to find paper to make the paperbag to put in the mini black writing board and peppa pig book for his friends. Birthday parties are hard work haha#dayremummies #dayremums

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For the past week I have been in crazy bad mood. Wondered why and saw the date...Oh! Menses due this week lol Anyway so sad..I didn't stick to the no carb/low carb diet these 2 weeks so only lost 100g per week :( So for those that are interested in doing such treatment, diet really very important too. I will try my best to do no/low carb this week 💪💪💪

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Lost 1kg in a week!

Good news!!! I lost 1kg in 1 week duration!!! Yay!Okok 1kg may not be alot to some of U but it is so much win to me ok. My weight have just been gg upwards ever since I stopped breastfeeding. Tried tcm baguan weightloss before but cause I couldn't control my diet much (low carb) plus I cannot tahan the baguan pain on my tummy so I stopped.BUT.During CNY one of my hub's relatives commented super loudly infront of everyone "hey U gained alot of weight huh!" and I was so embarrassed by it!!

April 2019

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*not my pic So pretty 😍😍😍

March 2019

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Chanel help!

*photo credit to owner.OMG this totally have my heart!!! Is this available in SG? not sure what collection or colour is this...#Chanel

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