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May 2019

Seriously I don’t feel any excitment (yet?) for the wedding. It is a little overwhelming really, so many things to consider, research and to do but where to start?! And it is not easy because parents are involved and there are 2 sets! And I haven even gotten my proper proposal 😪. Lagi don’t feel like doing anything haha. Sometimes I’m being v harsh on him I know. I like things to be done the way I want them to otherwise I get very upset even though might not be totally his fault.

March 2019

The rate that pimples are popping up on my face these days is ridiculous! I’ve one on my nose tip, 1 near my right eye brow, one on each side of the cheek, almost forming a straight line with the one on the nose tip. What the heck is going on hormones!

My phone can recognize me when I am having a sheet mask on and when I am wearing my sunglasses but not when I have a nose pore strip 😂

Me: luckily my new iphonr xr can still fit into my bag but now my bag has no space alr!Him: are u hinting me not to put my wallet in your bag?Me: no i’m hinting you I need a new bag. With a bigger bag you can put yr wallet in it too.Him: oh like this ah *fasterly scurry away”Men. Can never get the hintBut actually I wasn’t hinting at first but he turned the table on himself haha. 🤷🏻‍♀️

February 2019

Not texting from 5-9pm is not how you show you miss someone. It is after work hours, there is no excuse.Texting someone to ask if they had lunch at 12+ and then when they replied, you reply back at 4-5pm is also not how you show concern. What’s the point of asking in the first place?Not checking your texts is also not a good valid excuse for taking hours to reply.

I hate it when staff at fast food restaurants ask if you would like “medium or large” for the drink. Coz by default I would choose the smaller size, forgetting there is small! Wth. This is not the way to increase sales ok. In the world of bubble tea, the default size is medium which is a small in the world of fast food la. Zzzz

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