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December 2018

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This week was so drained. The longest we've not hang out with each other. Technically we saw each other last Sat and SUN. But I was working and brought work home. Sigh. Christmas Eve with aunt and cousin.. And I hanged out so long. Ard 9 hours in orchard! We walked and talked so much. I've not had so much quality time with family members for so long. Would hav liked if I'm this close with my mum.. Oh wells. FB showed this was .. 6 years ago?!

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Our Living Room #BarneyTingHome

Damn failed. I took so many photos but not one which clearly show how our 'living room's area is. So we stayed in the house till evening time last Sat where we had our Colleagues over and discussed abt possible layouts. This area which I had wanted a Bench by the window so I can sit and lean against the wall to look at the outside view

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11Dec Tue Open Sesame!

There were so many opening door ritual, but we wanted to just keep it simple and easy. Ours:15 Oranges 5 Apples5 石榴2 pineapple Banana RiceSalt Tea Leaf Green bean 5 Ang Pao with 8 $1 dollar coins in eachOther stuffs needed for praying The previous sellers had kindly left a bench, two seated sofa and a set of dining tables +chairs for us. At least we did not need to just sitting on floor. HAHAHAHA

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