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February 2019

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This week, I feel like a proud mama. So this is how it kinda feels like to watch kids grow. It’s been almost a year with my form class. Watching them transiting from kindergarten to P1 and then now P2. When I first took over the class, I was astonished. The classroom was so dirty and the kids have no sense of cleanliness, responsibility or a few, not even basic respect for one another.Im glad they are familiar with my routines and it’s much easier for me now.

Don’t tell me you understand how I feel or tell me how to feel if you have not experienced it before. There is a difference between empathy and sympathy. And people these days, really lack empathy.

Sometimes, you really need to let go and not expect too much from yourself. Some things, are really beyond your control.


January 2019

“I can see that you are good with children so you are really suited for this job”“Really? But I can’t handle MR at all. Everyday I just feel so drained and stressed. He just drives me crazy. I feel like I don’t know how to handle him. I’m trying so hard. But I cannot give him too much attention that I neglect the rest”Sometimes, I wished I’m stricter and firmer.. or at least, look fiercer.. and with more authority.

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Work numbs this pain that I’m feeling. Yet at the same time, it hurts so much more when I finally collapse on bed every night

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