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of coping w baby in nicu

Thanks for the well wishes, prayers, encouragement and love 💕

I reli appreciate it. Each msg means alot to me in dis difficult time

How do i survive? I try to think positively n listen to music. I cant live wo music. And i found dis lovely song

Post partum gynae visit

Kkh din give me any appt for c sec wound review

N becos my wound is dis scary ☝️, ive decided to see my private tmc gynae for one post partum review mainly for c sec wound la.

And he was surprised hw come the cut is so long😱
Even e clinic assistant also find it long! Said usu my gynae wld cut shorter. And gynae said somemore my baby so small (950g) ! Dun nd cut so long to take baby out la

And den he commented wah the bruises v jialat. They mus hav struggled pulling e baby out.

Thirdly, he was saying dun nd to put dis drainage tube☝️

He said usu he do dun nd.
Sighh.. all dis time i was thinking, if only i dun hav pre eclampsia den i cld deliver in private, tmc. My choice

Even if nt tmc, i cld have chosen kkh private and away from e noise all dis. Y do things dun go my way and y i needed to suffer so much unnecessarily (acc to gynae re: my wound)

So gynae checked n cleaned my wound. Given topical and oral medicines for my wound n healing. Sigh lucky i did go see him. He did shake his head when he found out kkh said tt can tak out dressing aft 4 days and no review for wound. So lucky i went to him

Went to visit and im falling in love w his eyes😍😍

I think his eyes are big. As commented by CL and mil

Mum n hub n CL said hes gt my eyes💕 ive been praying dis cos hes gt my hub everything so far and only thing i wished is tt he will hav my eyes cos hub eyes r smaller

Hes 1.1kg tdy alr!! What a big achievement👏

In e lift visiting my boy in nicu. Trying out my new dress from TCL as well

Hee made e hub push me in wheelchair cos by right dr said i cant walk much lei n by right it’s still my confinement lei but.. i need to go kkh everydayy and visit my son n deliver my precious little milk to him

Nurse encouraged us to do FIC (family integrated care). Which means baby and parents contact. We learn to feed him, touch him, comfort him and kangaroo hug when hes more stable. All done in nicu

Hes sucking well! Nurse said mus give him pacifier to learn hw to suck!
Anw milk is given via tube feeding and we are tasked to do milk feeding for FIC

Of cos breaks my heart to see him drink milk via tube la 💔


Weight post partum

Weight pre pregnancy: 51.5kg
Last weight before delivery: 57.2 (weigh in at clinic 1-2 wks before), 58 (weigh in at home 1 wk before sudden admission)

Post partum weight upon discharge: 54.7kg

Erm honestly, i lik dun look pregnant at all (my non existent tummy)

And i deliver before 9 mths so ppl may nt even know tt im actually pregnant!

Haa cos i went see dr for diff condition and all clinic assistants said where’s my tummy? Im pregnant meh? Huh deliver alr but so fast no tummy?

CL also asked me where’s my tummy. I said i nv had noticeable tummy during pregnancy. Tts y i din get any seat offer at all (anw i dun tak for granted also n i usu stand on buses also) jus tt im worried abt my spine cos i had metal implants ma. No tummy also a bad thing at office cos colleagues wldnt bother helping u la

Dunno gd or nt. but hw i wish , if only i can gain more weight for baby! But if i look at things positively, i think of it as above, lose weight will be easier i guess... hmm

Had a sudden meltdown 😭 when i think abt my small baby in nicu. Jus nice my CL came in n saw dis. Sigh den she keep saying dun cry if nt i will have post natal depression.

My CL even held my hand and said she knows hw i wld feel knowing tt my baby is in nicu. Den she gave me massage n made milo for me. Cos hub n mil are out at baby fair. So shes scared i have post natal depression?

Day 75

Saturday, 16 Mar 2019

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isabelle (avatar)

isabelle *hugs* dont worry your baby will grow well and strong! jiayou jiayou!

1 month ago

LifeOfElle (avatar)

LifeOfElle ❤❤❤u did well❤❤❤ Baby will be strong and chubby in no time 👼👼👼 take care!

1 month ago

Matcharedbean (avatar)

Matcharedbean Thanks babe! 😀 @isabelle

1 month ago

Matcharedbean (avatar)

Matcharedbean Hee yes hope he will be strong n chubby too! Thanks 💕 @LifeOfElle

1 month ago

raspberryleaf (avatar)

raspberryleaf Take care babe!!!

1 month ago

Poppyaffair (avatar)

Poppyaffair Hugs! Everything will be alright, your baby will eventually grow up to be a fat and chubby baby! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

4 weeks ago

iamslimslim (avatar)

iamslimslim its tough having a baby in nicu. i truly understand u. i was having meltdwn during my first week of pp. in time to come, baby will gain weight and will be home with u soon! take care!

1 week ago

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