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Gynae visit wk 28 | Tdap jab

Had my Tdap jab tdy! Oh mans, glad i survived!! Cos im v scared of injection! Im nt scared of bld taking tho. Den i heard it will b painful so i was lik, ok i look away n mentally prepare myself for e pain alr. Den it wasnt painful! Omg the gynae inj skill reli gd!! Cos my prev progesterone inj at the butt wasnt pain too! Reli helped me overcome my fear in jab/vaccination

Bad news is tt.. tdy is the first time my urine gt protein!! Dunno y. Or mayb contamination?

So dr asked me to do urine sample n pass to clinic for culture on mon! Praying hard.

Nw dr worried abt pre eclampsia. Cos third tri alr. And den protein in urine also means kidney nt doing so gd. Hmm. Will see hws e results.

Dr said but we cant deliver baby yet cos still small

Update on baby weight

Baby weight: 912g 👏👏👏

Inc from prev 630g in 2 wks

Mummy gained 500g in 2 wks. So nt bad ah, abt 300g goes to baby 💪
Ive been talking to baby J and ask him to grow bigger n eat well n absorb my food. Guess my pork rib cooking is worth e effort.

Nw mus hit at least 1.5kg (dr said hopefully by wk32). Wk 32 is his guide (min wks) to deliver baby for pre eclampsia patients.

Also went to Unity to get dis omron bld pressure machine! Cos e prev one reli nt accurate. Lik hw can my reading suddenly becomes 67/49 and den becomes high again. So ive decided to invest in a proper machine.

Previously, i gt it at a sale of $40 aft discount from $88. So reli dunno reliable or nt

Made in Japan so mus be gd and Omron gt gd reputation in Sg for healthcare devices.

What’s more is that, dis is on offer 20%. So i bought. Since i nd to measure 3 times or more everyday


Ok my life is abit boring. Cos i cant do much except to rest, eat and slp

I nd lots of rest, if nt my bp will go up.

Baby, dr says av wt is abt 1kg. Im happy that ur only 100g away. So proud of u 😘

Wahh i was jus talking abt Loy Kee chicken rice, can buy since dear is there at balestier and he reli bought dis. I jus merely mentioned it otw to gynae dis morning and he bought it for dinner when he went out buying hse things for our new hse. Was eating halfway den i realised hw come the plastic bag gt name one. Den i realised it’s Loy Kee. Hub is out swimming as usu nw so im at home alone again

Hello baby 👋

Day 54

Saturday, 23 Feb 2019

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isabelle (avatar)

isabelle I took more avocado and protein (doctor recommended red meat but I don't eat beef) btw 24w and 28w and my bb weight went up 600g! U can try too :) btw to refresh dayre, can just click edit and save (without editing any content) of ur existing posts or edit/save settings!

3 weeks ago

Matcharedbean (avatar)

Matcharedbean Hi. Ya thanks for e advice! Ya i guess avocado n red meat help hee @isabelle

3 weeks ago

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