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updates | im a brave mum

Im a mum alr!

Baby so cute! First photo of him opening eyes

Ive delivered v early at wk 30 due to severe pre eclampsia!! Was qt traumatising n painful experience. I needed to be on lots of drips, inj infusion, etc.

My baby was so small when i delivered him. 950g only but hes a strong fighter. I reli teared when i see him in hosp! Vv small. I teared every night thinkin abt my small baby. And hw come everybody deliver baby so happy one yet i cant bring baby home. Latching on wld b easier than pumping definitely.

Change of plan

🤱ive initially wanted to deliver at tmc and even bought the tmc card FBI. However due to severe pre eclampsia, i needed to undergo emergency c sec at kkh. I needed to choose kkh c class to afford the baby’s nicu bills. Nt only tt, i cant choose my gynae also
🤱change in gynae for delivery due to emergency. And no choice for gynae
🤱due to preterm, and my baby is vv small. Nurses n drs advised me to breastfeed.

I din plan to bf initially. Cos of my health condition. N we actually agreed on dis. But nw cos of situation change, i nd to mentally prepare myself to bf. We din buy any baby clothes, any baby stuff, any maternity pads, any breastpump. So we had to panick n find one upon delivery. And it was so exp

Dis is $398 aft discount at kkh hosp!! Yet i saw it for $298 at baby fair


Of coping w preterm nicu baby emotionally

Everyday i cried thinking abt my v small baby. When i was warded n fighting life n death situation, hub did send me photos of baby in nicu. Of cos in photo, he looks bigger n i tot hea fine

However, when i first saw him on 3rd day post partum, i cried. He was so small only. Kept blaming myself lik hw i cant keep him longer in tummy

On PP day 3, it is e same day we received news from nicu dr tt the baby heart lung gap din close properly. Dr said it’s common in preterm, however, gap in my baby is bigger. So nd medical intervention. I cried too 😭i tot to myself, i risked my life to deliver him reli, so i reli wanted him to survive. Worst still, dis was aft hub went to xi ma lu temple to pray. So i tot even aft praying, the bad news also came.

Of courage n risking my life to deliver him

🤰 i was admitted suddenly on 3 march, on e same day when my ah gong in law passed away
🤰 i initially went to kkh 24h clinic, thinkin tt i cld be discharged w med back home cos outpatient ma
🤰 however, once in labor ward, i was diagnosed w severe pre eclampsia!! Severe u know! Life
threatening to mother
🤰my kidney was affected. My protein in urine is 3+ which is severe stage alr. Bp was damn high 210/123 which is hard to bring down w med

🤰i was on lots of bp med injection, infusion to bring bp down
🤰i had to experience 2x the v painful steroid thigh inj to mature baby lungs for preterm. And nurses said usu mum wld cry when injecting dis. Yes it was the most painful inj ever! Even more painful than vaccination. Fyi, i have a phobia of injections. I survived by holding my hub’s hand haa
🤰the hot long injection n infusion was given to prevent seizure for pre eclampsia patient. It wqs miserable!! I needed to suffer the

Burning sensation n heat in body for 24h! Tts e duration of infusion. Worst is the injection which was the hottest and the syringe was damn long...

🤰tts nt all, nurse came n insert urine catheter wo numbing gel and i screamed in pain

🤰strapped to ctg continuously for 48h
(They tried to drag to keep baby in so mummy nd to suffer)
🤰 fasted me and dun allow me to eat for more than 24h before decision was made to do emergency c sec

🤰 was so weak to move aft fasting
🤰sth hpn in operating room as hub claimed they needed to draw bld from my feet even while i was in coma?

🤰 i din wakup from surgery for qt some time n i was lucky tt anaesthetist was w me thru out

🤰 i cldnt be discharged from recovery room post op as i cldnt wakup.

🤰i was so drowsy aft i wokeup n needed to be monitored for 2 days in high dependency ward

🤰so weak n no strength cos no food for more 24h ma , plus nurse said the hot medicine infusion made me weak also

🤰in high dep ward, on first day post op, i cldnt open my eyes n totally no strength at all

🤰 i needed hub to feed me, taking few bites only
🤰 my oxygen was low and i cant wean off from oxygen tube. Cldnt breathe properly too

Basically was damn weak n my hub heartache when he saw me at my weakest

Pulling out of drainage tube was e most painful as they nd to remove stitches n it was buried deep inside skin n damn long. I screamed when they pulled dis out. It is more painful than the steroid jab and urine catheter omgg

5 march

Admitted on 3 march
Delivered on 5 march - baby’s weight is 950g
Discharged on 9 march

Ytd’s baby weight: 1.038kg! Glad tt hes able to start mum’s milk nw. As prev, nurse said tt his digestive system is nt ready for feeding yet

PP 1 wk, and lots of ppl said i dun look pregnant! Lik ive nv gt a baby tummy during pregnancy also. Mayb tts y my baby is small. Ive gt no tummy stretch marks. Gd la. Haa but ive gt stretch marks on my boobs 🙊

Using dis nw n nt sure whether it will help w clearing of stretch marks

My c sec wound is scary n painful w lots of bruises! Rmb the drainage tube??

Gg down to kkh everyday and again later to see my precious baby ❤️

And also nd to deliver my milk everyday to him in nicu!

For tdy, we will get the results of his heart scan!! Suddenly im nt worried abt his size but his heart!! Praying hard everyday tt his gap will close aft injecting medicine.

Taken few days post partum. Cute video hee. Gd thing is tt hes active, which is a gd sign. Always exercising his arms n legs

Day 73

Thursday, 14 Mar 2019

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lady081980 (avatar)

lady081980 Congrats! Does ur child need to stay icu since is premature?

1 month ago

craudior (avatar)

craudior he is a fighter and is so lovely. all will be fine and congrats on ur new born!

1 month ago

HojichaMilkTea (avatar)

HojichaMilkTea both baby and you are strong! congrats on baby! baby will be all well in time. take care alright!

1 month ago

touchmyheart (avatar)

touchmyheart Omo! Congrats!!!!!!!!! Your baby is a fighter, so are you!

1 month ago

candycanegirl (avatar)

candycanegirl congrats and take care babe!!! hope baby can be discharged from nicu soon! you have a speedy recovery too!! jiayou! 💪💪💪💖

1 month ago

rabujusu (avatar)

rabujusu congrats and rest well! stay strong!! you and baby are strong fighters 💪

1 month ago

lady081980 (avatar)

lady081980 Stay strong and speedy recovery. Hope ur bb can discharge from nicu soon !

1 month ago

isabellaycy (avatar)

isabellaycy You are a very brave mummy and please continue to stay strong! Looking forward to the discharge of your baby very soon! All the best!

1 month ago

poopiemookie (avatar)

poopiemookie both of you are fighters and have come a long way! can’t imagine how physically and mentally strong you’ve had to be to go through what you did *big hugs*

1 month ago

priveememories (avatar)

priveememories I teared reading your post. Both you and baby are fighters! Please take good care of yourself as well. You have to be well to take care of baby after baby is discharge. Hugs.

1 month ago

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