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Hee ordered more food in an attempt to feed baby! Baby J pls eat more ok! Hee been talking to him to eat more

Mil esp msg me tdy ask me eat more 🙊

It’s either nt enuf food at home or appetite small. But tdy, i esp made an attempt to eat more ok. Since my weight gain is nt much for nw. Always worried abt weight but in e end i din gain much weight. For nw, baby first

Tts nt all ok. I ordered fruit juice as usual. Cos i nd to drink sth n i eat fruits everyday. But den, for delivery, nd to hit min $10. Sighh so i ordered more for tmr and hub’s share. Baby J, see hw much ive spent on u for food alone. Anw ever since preggie, ive been spending more on food cos im hungry easily

Er like abit cheated. Cos too sweet for my liking. Well i will jus drink avocado first. Den share w hub haa

Mayb drink mango one at night

Having my papaya fruit everyday as usu

Too hungry

Gt a shock when i wakup jus nw 😭😭 before measuring, baby J was kicking non stop for half h since 830 and im vv hungry. Wanted to wait for hub home at 9.30 den eat tgt one. D

Den he was squeezing here n there n tightening n kicking

So i faster went eat

N dis is the reading aft 15 min???? Isit cos of low bld sugar cos of hunger?

And somemore i jus took my reading before i nap at 5-6pm. It was 132 and jus took bp med as well

Dr says dun nd to take so close somemore

Aiyo baby J u naughty isit. So hungry cannot wait

Nw i jus tak another bp med earlier to play safe

Sometimes i wonder y do i have to suffer all dis 😭😭 i was looking fwd to pregnancy and we finally gt a baby aft so many yrs!

Yet i didnt know that theres so many prob associated w it. Lik my body nt built to handle pregnancy w inc bld supply, food for baby tts y baby small, etc

Sigh sometimes i feel sad tt baby J is small lik it’s cos of me n my body

Day 44

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019

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wintercld (avatar)

wintercld sorry ah may I know what's the reason for high blood pressure? like who are more high risk? thank you. take,care

1 month ago

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