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February 2019

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Woke up in the middle of the night to pee for at least 3 or 4 times yesterday. Zz

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I think I should reflect on my eating habits these days. 🔺 a tub of Ben&Jerry’s on Sat night 🔺 mala on Tuesday night, end up my gastric/stomach felt quite spicy (because 大辣 lol) at bedtime. Wasn’t a good feeling and I have to use my hand to soothe my gastric area to feel better. 🔺 mac’s iced milo yesterday morning made me had diarrhea and stomachache 😭🔺had bingsu yesterday night despite the pain in morning 🤭

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stomachache from Mac’s iced milo

Having stomachaches and diarrhea after drinking iced milo from Mac 😭😭😭Was so bad that I can’t differentiate if it’s stomach cramp or my uterus cramping wtf. A bit scared ☹️I think I really is 不怕死。Just had a bowl of bingsu on my own. Lol 😰

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Impromptu visit to another private gynae’s now which was scheduled tomorrow afternoon actually! On half day today so decided to just drop by to see if there’s slots so.. here I am. HAHAHA. So tomorrow can wake a bit later 😅Heartbeat is even faster than last week. 175 today! Lol, last week was 160 ☺️ I keep repeating the ultrasound video and listen to the heartbeat hehe. So cute and fast ❤️

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Can’t wait for Tuesday to come because I’ll get to see my baby twice! Hahaha. Early afternoon to another private gynae to check out if he’s good, late afternoon to kkh lolol. Anyway I felt a few pulls/tug on my left side these few days. Hope everything’s fine! ☺️🍀

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