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August 2019

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My GM said he wants to gift me some stuff for my new house. So apparently he wanted pass me cash instead but end up he said got to go to customer’s site last minute so he’d just do a bank transfer, few days ago. Lol. But of course that didn’t happened. Should I be thick-skinned to ask him or just forget it? 😂#dayrehomes

week 33+1

Gynae said bb’s head down. And he have been saying this for the past 3-4 visits I think? Lol. Remain head down till we see you ok baby 😘Oh and my gynae said something lame, like “stomach getting bigger hor” LOL. Of course?!?

July 2019

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Time flies!! Few more weekends before I can see my baby 😱 The amount of clothes I’ve bought unknowingly is crazy. Hahaha. Going to stop myself from buying any more clothes!And the kicks from him are so violent sometimes these days. Not complaining though! My whole body will shake with my stomach when I’m lying or sitting down. Hahaha so funny

June 2019

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I’m so upset. Seems like stretch marks have invaded my hips and my butt cheeks 😭 and they appeared overnight?!? my stomach is spared for now...Oh god why oh why

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Why do I feel like my gm is just being kpo? And why my director assume that I might not come back after my maternity leave 😒

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Gynae asked me to put on 1.5kg per month lolol. Scared I gain too much weight. hahahahaha. 1.5kg... 375g a week assuming 4 weeks per month. I hope I can abide by it??My bb so far is like a model baby, or so I believe. His weight is on par with the weeks, not too heavy not too light. Initially was a little worried like why my bb so light compared to the other moms with same month EDD. But now I think it’s a good thing? Anyway they are also few weeks more than me la

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