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Near Death Experience - Loosing

Tmi, but some baby just swallowed this piece of plastic. The thing is, no one notice. He was busy crawling around. I didn’t even know when did he swallow it.

He was eating his 🥐, then I continue feed him pudding, and he gagged. I was like wtf? The pudding is so tiny. He began to dig his own throat, and then these stuff came out. Wtf?! WHAT THE FUCK?

First, I am grateful that it came out.

Second, my boy knows how to save his own life? 😂

He could’ve died.

I’m still very scared when I think of it.

What if he doesn’t dig his own throat and really choked on it? Will I be able to notice what actually went wrong? Geez! I am so grateful for that. Like seriously. This boy is so damn good.

The thought of loosing him really shaken me to my core. I cannot.

We were all laughing when I show my mom what he vomited.

When I told my dad, he got so shocked and squeezed this munchkin saying “how could you!”

Yea, Chubb Chubb! How could you? Plastic is tasteless and weird texture, how could you swallow it? It’s not funny to scare mommy like that.

I am so grateful nothing unfortunate happens. I am so grateful he is still breathing beside me slapping my boobs asking for milk. So so grateful.

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Went to breakfast right away from bed. 😂

This boy napped for 3 hours. No time to shop. 😂

This was after the incident. I check on his breathing every now and then. Traumatized mom. 😭

Didn’t do the planning when packing.

Day 110

Saturday, 20 Apr 2019

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christinengt (avatar)

christinengt Omg that’s so scary!!

1 month ago

mybluesapphire (avatar)

mybluesapphire Omg! I’m so glad Momo’s survival instinct is strong!

1 month ago

krabbypatty (avatar)

krabbypatty Really glad that momo vomited it out 💕 can imagine the fear when you saw that omg.

1 month ago

Littlebutfierce (avatar)

Littlebutfierce @christinengt @mybluesapphire @patricialaw yes! So scary and thank him for saving himself!

1 month ago

Stardreamz (avatar)

Stardreamz Glad that momo’s is fine. I know how relieved you are. My girl also almost swallowed a small piece of plastic sometime back. I dk where that plastic’s fine... I suspect my evil hearted upstairs neighbour threw it outta window and flew into my house. I saw her chewing something suspicious in her mouth and managed to dig it out just in time before she swallow. There were a few pieces cuz she chewed it into small pieces. Really was xia si wo.

1 month ago

elainejy (avatar)

elainejy I was so worried just from reading this post. Omg. I'm glad momo is fine. Thank god!

1 month ago

Littlebutfierce (avatar)

Littlebutfierce @Stardreamz I’m glad she’s fine. Really have to keep an eye all the time.

1 month ago

Littlebutfierce (avatar)

Littlebutfierce @elainejy thank you ❤️ I’m sorry if I triggered you. 😢 *hugs*

1 month ago

eveforever (avatar)

eveforever Im so glad he digged it out and ok now!!! Thank God and smart Momo🙏🙏🙏

1 month ago

happybirthday (avatar)

happybirthday Wa omg the plastic so big piece, how did he even swallow it! 😣 Thank god he vomitted it out! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

1 month ago

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