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Kaohsiung Bound ✈️

漢來大飯店 Grand Hi-Lai Hotel

All of the sudden we are here!

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I’m flying solo with momo. Challenging much please. Some more, met some arrogant no class ang moh in business class. So lazy to even argue with him. But then, this angel lady show up and safe the day. I’m sincerely thankful! There’s a older kid in the flight as well, he gave momo his sticker saying because momo is cute. Oh my god. That keep momo entertain for awhile because I’m busy keeping the sticker out of his mouth. 😂

Photos incoming.

So sleepy. On our way to airport.

Wear him all the way. Don’t know why I still bring the stroller along.


That’s us. Look at his little hand. 😂

Need a break. Place him on the dirty floor.

After encounter with the not so nice people.

He slept for an hour only. Other time when he’s awake, he is busy PR around us.

Arrived HK.

He stunt there for awhile when he saw grandpa and uncle. 😂 then he got so excited and scream at the grandpa to hold him.

That cheeky face.

We are meeting in HK to fly to KHH together. Kind of like the tradition. Always stops at HK for food then to Taiwan.

Before boarding for KHH, he slept.

Finally! Haha. Another story to tell here.

The flight to KHH was full, we only manage to get 1 business class and the rest (me and Johnny and momo) are in economy. Dad wanted me to have his seat so I can have more space dealing with momo. He even went to the counter to check and ready to make payment for upgrade but no luck.

So he decided to just switch. Anyways, after I had my champagne I was told to switch it back to my own seat because momo has to pay for business. 😆

Both busy watching their TV while waiting for grandma to arrive from Shanghai.

We are all squeeze in the same room because of miscommunication.

We are staying at the suit. So, parents have the room, me and momo and Johnny camp at the living room. 😂

Day 108

Thursday, 18 Apr 2019

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wanderingfeet (avatar)

wanderingfeet i have said it a million times but i still want to say it, MOMO IS SO CUTE ! such a sweetheart 😍

2 months ago

Littlebutfierce (avatar)

Littlebutfierce @wanderingfeet haha thank you for loving him so much! 😘 ❤️

2 months ago

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