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Imitating Game STRONG!

Cheeky boy was "flirting" with a Japanese adult during lunch time.

This little boy is catching up with all of our actions. I know he is secretly learning the words we are saying and one day he'll burst out all these vulgar words in public. I am very surprised he can imitate and in a sense that he is somehow mocking us(?)..

He cough when he sees his grandpa is coughing.

He shush the ang moh when he sees his grandma shushing him in the restaurant.

He smirk/blinks his eyes with his uncle when his uncle is looking at him. (His uncle has small eyes) 😂

#taiwan #tanmomo_travel #dayrebabies #dayremummies #dayretravel

How does this silly boy gets so cheeky?

Also, we have our own room now. Thanks to dad. We wouldn't mind staying in the same room but they wanted privacy and that'll be more comfortable for dad to blast his Taiwanese news channel. 😂

Easier for me to breastfeed too.

I am truly grateful for all the privileged we've got. So thankful! Mom, if you are reading, thank you ❤️!

I really wanted to upload a vlog daily. But shit, I'm exhausted at the end of the day and I choose sleep.

Day 109

Friday, 19 Apr 2019

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Frenchtoast (avatar)

Frenchtoast He’s so cute la!!!

2 months ago

Littlebutfierce (avatar)

Littlebutfierce @Frenchtoast haha. Thanks babe ❤️

2 months ago

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