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Busy dealing with shit. Literally. I’m a mom.

April 2019

One thing I regretted not doing is taking my pregnancy photo.

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Near Death Experience - Loosing

Tmi, but some baby just swallowed this piece of plastic. The thing is, no one notice. He was busy crawling around. I didn’t even know when did he swallow it. He was eating his 🥐, then I continue feed him pudding, and he gagged. I was like wtf? The pudding is so tiny. He began to dig his own throat, and then these stuff came out. Wtf?! WHAT THE FUCK?First, I am grateful that it came out. Second, my boy knows how to save his own life? 😂 He could’ve died.

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Imitating Game STRONG!

Cheeky boy was "flirting" with a Japanese adult during lunch time.

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Kaohsiung Bound ✈️

All of the sudden we are here! #taiwan #tanmomo_travel #dayrebabies #dayremummies #dayretravel

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Momo is not eating like how he used to be. Now he refuse to eat and drink very less water. He wants our food, but when I gave him, he plays and throws them everywhere. 😔 I can feel his bones now when I pick him up. Where’s my chubby Chubb Chubb? 😭

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