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Baby World Fair

I doubt it is my nesting instinct... Because it is still too early for that! Sooo yes, I Guess I should classify “this” as a case of “anxiety” 😂

“This” refers to Pouffie’s room and the items to be purchase in preparation for her arrival, by the way!

But yes, I’m starting to feel the nervesssssss, the nerves that hit me full force. Especially so, as we inch closer to her arrival!

The nerves of being so unprepared...

Friends who know me know that I’m always “ahead of the game”, I’m one who always prep in advance and ensure that I have ample time left to tidy the loose ends! Taking M and my wedding and home renovation as an example... Every weekend sees us on the move to get something done...

But, oh my god... When it comes to prepping for Pouffie’s arrival, I feel that we have slacked off way too much! I’m already in my third trimester and we only have her cot and hired a confinement nanny!

I was telling M that must be we “lao hong” already - after both the wedding and home renovations. 😂 Buttttt to be fair, being preggy drains up my energy, both mentally and physically (not as fit as before ah)!

Sooooo anyway, we finally made some progress last Saturday (after much procrastination 🤭)...

12 January 2019

Finally got our butt out of the house to head to the baby fair! 😝 We woke up really early (on weekend terms) for it!

But first...

McDonald’s drive through to grab a Sausage McMuffin to fill my belly, so that there will not be any “mishaps” later on (for M). 😆 Okay la, not so kua zhang, but I swear you won’t want to deal with a hangry pregnant woman! 🤭

Managed to get the goodie bag band!


M and I combed the area and we spent 3 hours at the baby fair (the longest till date)! I swear my feet was threatening to give up on me! 😅

Anddd I just realised I didn’t take pictures of the place at all - because too busy shopping and it was pretty crowded! The only picture I have...

The Haenim’s UV steriliser booth!

This was one of the items that we wanted/ had to get! One of the SA’s approached us and asked if we needed him to demonstrate how to use it.

Of course we said “yes, that will be great!”

End up he said “just put your bottles in and press auto! Very simple!”

M echoed and said “Wa! So easy, that’s all?”

He replied “Ya”... confidently!

And because M and I did not do any prior research, we believed him!

M than asked me if we should go ahead and purchase...

I was telling him that we needed a steriliser for sure and that I read that UV sterilisers are better than steam ones.

So M gave the green light to go ahead and purchase!

The next question was, which colour should we get...

I pondered for the longest of times between silver (grey), metal (silver) or black... cause, fickle minded... 🤭

And while we were deciding, the same SA kept coming back to us to check if we for sure will get it... and when we asked If there are additional perks, he said he can arrange for free delivery for us...

But it turns out, as long as you get the baby fair booklet, you can get delivery for free la! I overheard another couple talking about the free delivery and double checked with them! Tsk! Trying to cheat our feelings this SA! Besides, we really didn’t need the delivery as well...

After what seemed like forever... 😂 I finally decided on Metal (silver)! To my dismay, the SA told us that Metal (silver) is sold out island wide and they will not even be able to confirm the next shipment! 😅

Sooo, M and I left without buying (by then, M had his hand filled with other purchases)! And the SA was clearly pretty disappointed.

I told M that we should head back to the car and keep our purchases before we continue shopping.

While we were walking back, we decided that we really needed the steriliser... sooooo yes, back at the booth again. 🤭

This time, another SA served us and she explained in detailed and we learn so much more about the steriliser (that guy clearly is just lazy la)!

Some of the other functions!

Definitely not just auto! 😒😒😒

Sooo yes, we decided to purchase it from her!

Here is M carrying our last purchase that day! 🥳

What we purchased at the fair...

We got Silver (grey) at the end! The fair price includes additional UV light. You need to change the UV light once every year!

The first item we purchased at the fair, is also sometime I definitely need...

Electric breast pump!

We got the Spectra S1+!

During one of our Gynae appointment, our Gynae shared some of the recommended items to get, and one of which is an electric breast pump. He mentioned that we should either go with Medela or Spectra and he also highlighted that Medela is more expensive.

After comparing, we went ahead with Spectra! Since so many Mummies are using this and M’s colleague Wife is also using this!

I actually saw that Spectra S2+ is in pink and that made my heart flutter!

Buttt alas, Spectra S2+ does not come with in-built rechargeable batteries... which meant I cannot bring the pump out to use... so keeping my priorities in check, getting the Spectra S1+ was a no-brainer! 😝

The price of the Spectra S1+ at the fair is the same as their in-store price. You can actually purchase it online at much cheaper (if there is a sale)! But I didn’t want to wait for a sale online and preferred getting it from a ‘brick and mortar’ store for convenience sake, so we bought it at the fair!

It did come with...

All these freebies when purchased at the fair!

2-tier spinning drying rack, extra feeding and storage bottles, some milk storage baggy, a pair of mittens and booties, a warmer and a cooler bag, which I believe will come in handy!

These were the “big ticket” items we got from the fair!

I could not resist not getting a few other items for Pouffie as well...

A bamboo material swaddle! I always thought babies look really cozy and comfy in these, so I got to get one for our little girl! They come in different thickness (cloth material) to suit different weather, and of course we had to select the one perfect for Singapore’s room temperature with fan switched on!

These were going at a 20% discount. But the price was still pretty steep. But fair for bamboo material which are oh so soft!

And as with most mummies, I caught the...

Moo Moo Kow/ Baa Baa Sheepz “virus”... 🤭

And got a little bedtime buddy (pillow? Bolster?) for Pouffie! With this new addition, our dear girl now have not one, not two but THREE bolsters already! 😂 But of course we not giving her all at once la!

I’m sure all mummies know how softttttttt their pillow/bolsters are! 🥰 Bamboo material is love!

Not sure if there is a huge discount at the fair, but it did come with an additional pillow case!

Oh and after feeling the material of their clothing items, I had to get two sets of rompers for our Pouffie as well! These will be perfect as pyjamies as they come with built-in mittens and booties!

Our (yes, even M’s) hearts melted when we saw these little socks on the display racks and yesssssss we have to get it!

I mean socks will definitely come in handy anyway right? But these are the cutest! 😍

But the last item we got at the fair has the number one spot in my heart...

This cutesy little white lace dress with tulle!

Oh. my. heart. 😍

The price tag didn’t matter. 🤭

Can you please just look at the lace details on this piece?

It’s something her Mummy (yes me 🤭) will buy for herself la! Hahaha

Well... not exactly like this piece (a bit too cutesy for me ah), but the lace deets is something I can surely find in my wardrobe! 😝

Goodie Bag

The goodie bag was honestly nothing to shout about... 😬

I know I said my feet were killing me after combing the fair for a good three hours already... but because M and I were too “ambitious”, our day did not end at the fair... After the fair, we made our way to *continued my entry on 15 January*...

#MarAdeTiny #dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

Day 14

Monday, 14 Jan 2019

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nymiracle (avatar)

nymiracle Hi, can i check how much u bought the steriliser and spectra s1 pump at the fair? Thanks much!

7 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @nymiracle Hello, the steriliser was $329 and the Spectra is $398. You can definitely find cheaper deals online! 🤗

7 months ago

nymiracle (avatar)

nymiracle Thanks!!

7 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @nymiracle You’re welcome! 😄

7 months ago

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