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#MarAdeWed Solemnisation 🤵🏻👰🏻

Solemnisation at Mount Faber 💍

It has been 3 months since M and I become lawfully wedded Husband and Wife.

This also means that we are now down to 9 months to our banquet!

#MarAdeWed #dayrebrides #dayrebride

Solemnisation e-invite - done by M


We invited only our immediate family and closest friends for our #solemnisation, so we figured that an e-invitation is sufficient!

We did the artwork for this name signage as well.

Mama E, B, My Brother and Jess helping with the Groom and Bride signage.

These people, I'm immensely grateful for. 💕

Mama E helping with M's cufflinks!

Our chair signage turned out just the way I envision! Wished our PG helped to shift the signage properly before taking this shot though!

The signage was otherwise in place during our solemnisation.

According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be raining that very afternoon, so I really had to thank daddy god for blessing us with an amazing weather!

Of Gold and white.

Spot the personalised name placement cards!

Closer look! It matches our name signage. 😄

Didi and Mummy dearest just before they take their seats 💕


Our JP, Mr Francis Ng, who had that fatherly figure which I looked for in a JP. He was the first and only JP I contacted, and gotten a confirmation!

He very kindly blocked off our solemnisation date in his calendar for us, even though I emailed him a good 9 months earlier!

God is indeed looking after us.

He was always really prompt in his replies and reminded us of important dates - meet ups/ filing of marriage on the online portal, and helping us step by step along the way!

Felt really #blessed to have crossed paths with him!

*M even told me after our solemnisation that Mount Faber's staff even came up to him, to tell him that we got an amazing JP! Mr Ng was well respected by all of them!*

M and Mr Francis Ng taking their places. 😄

Spot JY at the back who took up the role of helping with sound system! So much love for this Dance Friend turned akin to Brother of ours!

M looking really dapper in his made to measure suit!

Here comes the bride. 👰🏻

I kid you not, I was so nervous about walking down this flight of stairs just before my entrance!

*Mr Francis Ng even went the extra mile to teach me how I should walk down this flight of stairs:

"Try not to hold onto the railings (will not look good in pictures)..."
"Ask your Daddy to slightly lift up your gown to aid with walking..."
"Don't forget to hold on tightly to your Daddy..."

He said*

Sharing a special moment with Daddy, who does not get enough air time here on my #dayre because he is always hard at work, providing for our family. ❤️

I was marching down with Daddy, whilst the song "From this Moment On" playing in the background...

Fighting back my tears, because I can pretty much relate to every single word in that song.

The moment when I walked down the aisle.

Overwhelmed with joy, when you have people who matter most at both sides feeling genuinely happy for you is indescribable.

Daddy leading me to M.

When Daddy placed my hands in M's and told him to take good care of me.

A different perspective! Spot both our Mummies grinning from ear to ear! 😄

Saying "I will"

And "I do"

In love with my #floral crown! ❤️


Finally it was time to exchange our vows.

M recited his first.

His vows, evoked more tears to swell in my eyes.

When it was my turn to recite my vows, I could not even keep my composure, and I was choking back tears as I speak. 🙈

A better look at our Groom and Bride signage!

Mummy dearest was tearing some #happy tears at the side. 😭

Moments before...

You may now kiss the bride!


We proceeded to sign our marriage certificate. 🖋

That moment when Mr Francis Ng pronounced us as Husband and Wife!

Finally officially married!

Marching out as Mr and Mrs Z! 👫


M doing his little wave/dance 👋🏻

My hand bouquet lovingly put together by mummy dearest. ❤️

💐 You can read about my hand bouquet here: @MissLindelious:270117

#flowerbouquet #bliss

Took a couple of shots after 💕

Felt extremely blessed to have our families and friends witness the union of M and I.

Together is a happy place to be 💞



Day 97

Friday, 7 Apr 2017

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SmallSoldier (avatar)

SmallSoldier hi! congrats on your solemnisation! :) not sure if i asked you before but can i check if you are selling your decoration props? :) looking at your flower vines and terrarium :) thanks! :)

2 years ago

lindaang (avatar)

lindaang Congrats to you! Nice venue you got! My JP is Francis Ng too! He is really good! 👍🏻

2 years ago

linettewhz (avatar)

linettewhz What a beautiful wedding babe! So intimate and lovely!! 😍

2 years ago

kissandflyxx (avatar)

kissandflyxx So gorgeous! 😍

2 years ago

miffywriggles (avatar)

miffywriggles So sweet :')

2 years ago

wishyouluck (avatar)

wishyouluck Beautiful solemnisation. Mr Francis Ng is my JP and I'm meeting tomorrow. Glad to see positive reviews him 😊 Btw did he mention any angbao amount he would prefer to have?

2 years ago

razorliketears (avatar)

razorliketears Loveee the pictures, beautiful solemnization Ade!! 💕💕💕

2 years ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @SmallSoldier Hi babe, thank you for your well wishes! 💕 So sorry but I'm not looking to sell the terrarium at the moment! My flower vines are actually fresh so I threw it away on the day itself. 🙈 I got the wreath from FEF though, hope this helps! 🙆🏼

2 years ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @lindaang thank you for sharing our joy Linda! 😘 Yes! Mr Francis Ng is really sweet!

2 years ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @linettewhz aww thank you Linette! 😘 We will be having our banquet next year! 😄

2 years ago

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