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Week 31 πŸ‘ΆπŸ» | OGTT | Fifth Gynae Appointment

Week 31 starts today!

My baby app tells me that Pouffie is as big (or Long?) as asparagus! Why asparagus? πŸ˜‚

Another app tells me she is as big as a coconut - and I find that more believable! 😝


Sooo I wanted to write about my OGTT test which happened a while back today...

31 December 2018

Yeap... my OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) was on the last day of 2018!

I let out a “huh” when my Gynae told me during my last routine appointment that my OGTT appointment is on that date! And he quickly reassured me that the results will not be out immediately... so all is good! πŸ˜‚

OGTT was no doubt every preggy lady’s dreaded test. Most ladies would be dreading having to draw blood threeeeee times!

But for me, the night before my OGTT test, I could not get to sleep not because of the blood test, but because of having to fast! 😬

I was so worried of being hungry and not being able to drink water! Hah! I’m a true blue glutton!

M and I attended a wedding dinner the night before my OGTT test and actually I was pretty full already... but I was still so worried of being hungry! πŸ˜… I had to fast (no food and water) from midnight sooooo I made sure I drank my last glass of water just before the clock strikes 12!

Yes, I was legit worried about not being able to eat and drink. πŸ˜‚

If you don’t already know... a two hour, 75-gram oral glucose tolerance test is used to test for diabetes...

This is the procedure of the OGTT test:

πŸ”ΈFirst tube of blood drawn after fasting for at least 8 hours but not more than 16 hours to test your fasting glucose level

You will than be asked to drink 8 ounces of a syrupy glucose solution that contains 75 grams of sugar

πŸ”ΈSecond tube of blood drawn at the one hour mark

πŸ”ΈThird tube of blood drawn at the two hour mark

That very morning, I woke up so so super thirsty! It did not help that I usually have a glass of water/ soy milk as soon as I wake up!

Prep and headed to my Gynae... feeling all anxious of my OGTT! Ohhh M was so sweet to fast and not drink water with me, so that I don’t feel alone in this! πŸ₯°

After the nurses did the usual test (urine, weight and blood pressure), they call in the professional to come and draw the first tube of blood! This time, I was not as nervous as the very first time! Is it I level up? 😝 This guy was also very skilful, the only pain I felt was like a pinch when the needle went in! Oh! And it helped that he told me to take a deep breathe while he inserted/ removed the needle!

First tube of blood βœ”οΈ

After he drew the first tube of blood, he handed me that famous drink...

Mine was the orange one and thankfully it was chilled! He told me that I needed to finish the whole bottle in 5 minutes tops! I was so thirsty, I gulped down the entire bottle in less than a minute! Even the guy was shocked! He said “Wa, so fast! That’s very good!” πŸ˜‚ I replied “Ya, cause I very thirsty!”

He got me to come back to the clinic in an hour to draw my second tube of blood and reminded me that I must keep the drink down and not vomit... if not... we got to redo the entire test!

Routine Gynae Appointment

But before that, I had my routine appointment with my Gynae! As usual, M and I were so Super excited to see Pouffie!

My Gynae asked if there was anything I wanted to ask... so I told him about my hip joint pain and water retention. He said that both are actually quite common. For my hip joint pain, the only way to feel better is to do light exercises, to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint! He recommends that I do some pre-natal yoga - he said “just follow YouTube la! Very easy one!”

Than, it was time for my ultrasound scan! He commented that Pouffie is growing very well (not too big, not too small) and her heart is strong! Her head and tummy circumference is also good!

He said that her leg length is slightly shorter than average but it is fine - oops sorry Pouffie for getting Mummy’s petite genes! But you girl girl so okie la! 🀭

Pouffie’s head is also still downwards! Yay for that! My Gynae also commented that my belly is of a good size! He said there is nothing for me to worry about!

Than, he very kindly switched the ultrasound to 3D again!

Ah! Pouffie now look so different as compared to my previous scan! Her features are definitely more defined now! He printed both the black and white ultrasound scan and 3D pictures for us to keep and of course M and I left his clinic happy again!

Here’s the ultrasound in black and white!

He says this is her face... Honestly, I cannot really see her face in this scan! πŸ˜‚

But it sure looks like she have chubby cheeks! πŸ₯°

This is a scan of her little tight bone!

After I am done with my routine appointment , my Gynae’s nurse asked me to head out to walk, so that I can better digest the sugar... sooo that was what I did!

I started to feel nauseous a little while later but I keep reminding myself that...

I cannot puke! I cannot pukeeeeee!

I really didn’t want to repeat my OGTT!

Thankfully, I managed to keep it down and went back to the clinic to have my second tube of blood drawn!

When I got back, he (the professional) checked to see if I drank or ate anything or if I puked.

Nope! I said confidently...

He proceed to draw my second tube of blood...

Second tube of blood βœ”οΈ

He drew the second tube of blood on my other hand!

When he was done, he asked me to come back in an hour to draw the last tube of blood!

I head out for moreee “exercise” aka walking πŸ˜‚!

I was sooo hungry, thirsty and tired from all the walking and was trying my best to distract myself from the nausea feeling!

Finally (after what seemed like foreverrr), it was time to head back to the clinic!

While walking back, one of the hospital’s security guard spotted me, and he laughed and asked “is it very pain? Got cry anot?”

Both M and I giggled and replied “no, never cry!”

I looked like that πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» by the end of my second blood test! Haha!

It’s no wonder so many people in the mall were staring at me (while I was walking around)! I look like I got abused or something la! πŸ˜…

Anyway, back at the clinic... the professional double checked again that I did not eat or drink anything nor puke, before he drew the last tube of blood!

As soon as he was done, he exclaimed...


You have successfully completed the test, now you can eat, drink or puke also okie!


Thanks ah! I definitely want to eat and drink but don’t want to puke!

I went straight for two cups of water and headed for lunch after! Hooray! πŸ₯³

You have no idea how happyyyyyy and glad I was to finally complete my OGTT test and drink water/ eat! πŸ˜‚

The Nurses told me that my test results will be ready in about a week, so for now I still can eat/ drink whatever I wanted! 🀭

Crossed my fingers that I pass my OGTT!

But first...

I got M to bring me to Old Tea Hut to get my Gula Melaka Tea... because I have been craving for it for the longest of times! 😝


Week 26 Day 6 | 914 grams


Papa and I love you...

So so much our Dearest Little Pouffie!

#MarAdeTiny #dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

Day 30

Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019

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lynlkc All the best with the outcome! I was allowed to have water prior to the test though, just no food.

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