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Travelling with Pouffie in my Belly 🤰🏻

Guess who sprain her toe?


Yes, me! I kicked the edge of our bed yesterday (I swear I’m getting clumsier by the day 🤦🏻‍♀️), and it still hurts now... so I Guess I must have sprain it. 😅

It didn’t help that the toe I sprain is on the opposite leg of where my hip joint pain is. Sooooo now one side I have pain in my hip joint and the other side, pain on my toe.

Seriously... Adeline!

M asked me to take MC to rest at home, but I still decided to go to work... I hope I didn’t make the wrong decision, because I’m basically limping now. 😬

Leg cramp...

I also experienced my first leg cramp yesterday night! I had a few close encounters with leg cramps previously, but I managed to “stop my leg from cramping” in time.

But, yesterday’s night was a full blown leg cramp! I was actually stretching when my leg decided to cramp on me!

I woke up screaming...

👩🏻: Dearly!
👦🏻:*Immediately woke up*

Thank god for a Hubby who is a light sleeper! I on the other hand sleeps like a log pre-pregnancy, but now, after I got preggy, I became an even lighter sleeper than him!

👩🏻: Help! Help me pull my toes backwards! My leg is cramping now!
👦🏻: *While holding my feet* How? How to pull?
👩🏻: Neh like that *shows him*
👦🏻: Oh okie!
👩🏻: Okie Liao! Thank you!
👦🏻: Haha! I thought what sia... I thought you shout cause we late for work!



On a lighter note...

On the 27-28 December, M and I actually went on a short vacay to Batam... which is possibly our last trip before I POP!

Our Pouffie have travelled to three different locations while she is in my belly already! What a traveller! 😜

Three B’s: Bintan, Bali and Batam!

All of them so happen to be Indonesia though! M and I actually booked our trips to Bintan and Bali even before I found out I was pregnant!

M says that next time we can tell her that she have already been to these three places! I was like... “How can you cheat your daughter’s feelings! Must bring her when she is out right?” 😂

📍 The Canopi, Bintan

Here’s us at The Canopi, Bintan! When I was just 6 weeks in my pregnancy!

And when I still have my waist! 😆

#MarAdeWanderlust #dayretravels #dayretravel

📍 Bali

We travelled to Bali when I was about 12 weeks in - with my gynae’s approval!

When I asked him during my first gynae appointment if we can travel he was like “why not?”

I was starting to show! 🤰🏻

Bali really have a ton of picture worthy spots! But, I don’t see myself heading back anytime soon, because I don’t really enjoy their food!

M though, loves their Nasi Campur!

He can literally have it every meal! He actually asked for it at every food joint we went! 😅 Just recently, he told me that he missed the Nasi Campur back in Bali!

One of my favourite picture from Bali!

The swing is pretty thrilling (not scary to me, just pumps up one’s adrenaline) and M was fearing for his preggy Wife. He reminded me over and over again to be careful and hold tight! 😝

📍 Batam 27 to 28 December

I wanted a quick getaway so badly before I POP, because who knows when I can next travel right? Initially, we wanted to go Malaysia, but it wasn’t “preggy friendly” accordingly to M... so that was out.

Than I thought of a staycay. But now that we have a place to call our own, I cannot justify spending a few hundred for staycay la! I mean, I rather stay home! I was telling M that it feels like a staycay everyday at home to me... so staycay was out as well!

Than I thought about Batam - just a ferry ride away and transportation to and fro the resort is provided as well!

Simple, fuss free and perfectly safe for preggy ladies (M also approves)! Anddd that was how we decided on Batam!

First order of business once we arrived at Tanah Merah Ferry terminal and getting our ferry tickets is...

To get food in my belly!

This chicken laksa is surprisingly very shiok and yummy! 😍

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodies

Waiting for the gates to open...

Hello Ferry!

I have been to Bintan a couple of times, but this is my first time to Batam!

All onboard!


Got a cuppa Teh C for the ride!

After a quick 40 minutes (?) ferry ride we arrived at Batam!

Both M and I managed to get a quick nap!

Immigration was a breeze as well and our resort shuttle bus was already waiting for us outside!

Our shuttle bus ride from the ferry terminal to the resort is under 10 minutes (seat not yet hot reach Liao)!

And we arrived at...

📍 Montigo Resorts

So excited to be finally here! I’ve always wanted to visit this place!

Walkway to the main entrance!

Reception area with a pretty Tiffany blue Christmas tree! 🎄

Welcome drink!

Tasted like Lemongrass to me!

I always thought Montigo Resort look so much like Santorini, well... at least the colours they use and the buildings look like (to me la)! 😜


While waiting for check-in...

Pocket sized map!

Check-in was not till 3pm, so we decided to head for lunch first!

Lunch was at Pantai restaurant, one of the only two restaurants in the resort!


Lunch view!

My iced peach tea 🍑

M had beer 🍺

Chicken fried rice

And seafood noodles!

Lunch was... nothing to shout about. Haha can fill belly can Liao!

Since we still had time... we decided to start exploring the resort premises!

Some shooting activity

Tadd’s the other restaurant in this resort!

Buffet breakfast is served here!

Bar area

Beats Bites Bubbly

One of the common pool!

We decided to take the longggggg flight of stairs down to the jetty!

Bubba lights

Swing... But the sea waters didn’t look inviting at all! 😅

There were so many rubbish in the sea!


We spotted Singapore from a distance, thanks to our iconic MBS! Heh

How can we miss taking pictures on the jetty!

Love this picture as well!

While we were taking pictures, M suddenly went down on one knee and placed his ear on my belly! 🥰

I also got myself a souvenir here...

A splinter! 😅

I got a splinter when I walked barefoot in Maldives as well!

Isit I forever very clumsy? I swear I was very wary this time at the jetty, but... I still got the splinter anyway! 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

My 26 weeks 1 day belly!

My belly is getting rounder by the day!

Finally, it was time for check-in!

We booked their new one bedroom suite with personal pool and it was perfect for us!

Lucky for M and I, we were given a room located highest atop a “cliff”, so we had unblocked views of the sea which is ahhh mazing!

Room tour...

The bathroom was HUGEEEEEE

We get both a standing shower and a bathtub!

His and her sink!

The very inviting bathtub! 🛁

Closet came pretty “well stocked” with a iron, ironing board, safe, umbrella, bathrobes, laundry plastic, slippers and...

Mossie repellent!

Slippers were used though... so we didn’t use them 😬

Oh! But I really like that you actually can access the wardrobe from the bathroom as well - wardrobe has doors at both sides!

I thought it was a really smart idea - no need to bring your clothes into the bathroom, can take directly from the wardrobe!

Bed looked rather comfy!

But, after M and I got our very own bed, till date, so far... none of the hotel bed is comparable (comfy level) to ours. 😜🤭

TV with a ton of movie channels! Perfect for nua-ing in the room!

Little “pantry” corner

With coffee, tea and the likes!

Mini fridge, stocked - can see but cannot touch (must pay money 😂)!

But, I found out later that two of the drinks were complimentary! That’s a really sweet touch from the resort!

Vanity + desk area behind our bed!

The best part of our room though, has got to be...

Having our very own private pool!

With amazing view overlooking the sea - we can also see the sun setting from a distance...

Many other one bedroom suite!

We also had a sun deck...

And a lounge area!

Won’t you just look at this view?

We spotted Singapore across >>> as well! 😆

M and I quickly changed into our swim wear and...

Chill and laze in the pool and watch the sun set!

We only got up to rinse ourselves and prep for dinner when the sun sets and when it was starting to get chilly!

Dinner was also at Pantai, because Tadd’s was serving buffet dinner that night and most of the food is not preggy friendly!

Oh, I forget to mention but we basically travelled everywhere with a buggy! Hehe I think most, if not all of the guest did that!

A picture of my forever date! 🥰

And a #selfie while waiting for dinner!

Crackers for starters?

Yes please!

We actually splurge for dinner and ordered a Garoupa steamed in Hong Kong style sauce to share!

The fish was super fresh (meat was really tender) and the sauce was yummy! 😋

Salted egg prawns was mehhh...

The prawns were fresh but the sauce is nothing like the ones we get from Singapore!

You can never go wrong with Baby Kai lan plus an assortment of mushies! 🍄

After our satisfying dinner, we headed back to our room for a...

Bubble bath!

I’m so excited to soak in our tub!

We got a bath bomb from #Lush

This bath bomb in particular smells amazinggggggg!


Not the most inviting of colours... heh... yellow waters 🤭 and for some reason, no bubbles? 🛁

But the whole bathroom smells really really good!

Our skin was Super soft after as well! Hehe

Ended our night with mask on our faces while watching King Kong!

The very next morning...

We woke up to this view!

Clear and blue blue skies!

We woke up pretty early to head for breakfast, because I couldn’t wait! 😝

Buffet breakfast at Tadd’s

They had a kid’s buffet corner, how cute!

Mie Bakso station

Eggs station

Sweet treats for you?

Donut stand!

Pretty ginger bread houses

An assortment of breads... muffins...

Moreeeeee bread

🍞 🥖 🥯

Juice station

Cheese and salamis which I can see but cannot eat... 😬

Porridge condiments!

So packed with people over the Christmas weekend!

Roti Jala

Took one to try - not bad, tasted like a “lighter” version of roti prata!




that morning!

The resort’s breakfast spread is quite extensive I must add!

After breakfast, we burn off some calories by exploring the...

Kids play area!

It came with a little pool area, slides and ball pit!

Tiny kitchen

Rest area

Bean bags!

Can totally see kids enjoying themselves here! Just that it was probably still too early and sunny to do that! 😅

Another #bumpfie 🤰🏻

Got back to our room to...

Yeap... nua again!

While M took a quick nap before we had to check out! 😆

I’m missing this view already!

So thankful that we were blessed with amazing weather, although the weather forecast states that it will be pouring! 🥰


When the Mr naps...

I take selfie! 😝

And here’s one with Pouffie (my belly)! Heh 🤰🏻

Then, it was time to check-out...

Goodbye pool! We will miss you so!

Last buggy ride to the reception for check-out!



After checking out...

We had lunch at Pantai again!

The said, complimentary drinks!

Lugged them to the restaurant, so we don’t have to purchase drinks! 😉

This time we ordered two dishes to share - still very full from breakfast, but must eat if not preggy woman (aka me) will be hangry later. 🤭

Their zi char dishes tasted so so much better then their ala carte fried rice and noodles!

We wanted sambal kang kong but they ran out of kang kong... so we had sambal Kai lan - first time for us! But tasted good leh!

We also had garlic fried chicken!

After lunch we...

Spammmmmm more selfies while waiting for our shuttle bus to the ferry terminal!

My favourite...

Travelling partner!

Thank you for agreeing to bring your preggy Wife here! Hehe


Last look at the place before boarding the shuttle bus!

Still feeling really thankful for the awesome weather!

Hello ferry terminal!

M and I felt recharged and ready to concur 2019 after this trip! It’s amazing how a quick getaway can make one refresh!

Back at Singapore’s ferry terminal, at the immigration...

Policemen were escorting elderly and families with children to a “special line” - faster line.

👮🏼‍♂️: Kids this line... ah elderly this line!

Than he saw me...

👮🏼‍♂️: Pregnant lady *pointing at me*... this line (the same line as kids and elderly)

But when he saw that the line was already “flooded”...

He got me to follow him!

M was holding onto our passports, and I actually was about to follow him without my passport 😂 so he said...

👮🏼‍♂️: Take your passport and follow me...

👩🏻: *Taking my passport from M*

👮🏼‍♂️: You come along as well *points to M*

Together with M, the super nice policeman lead us all the way to the front of a separate priority counter (with absolutely no queue at all)! Sooo passing immigration took us less than 2 minutes - although the immigration was flooded with people!

M and I thanked the policeman profusely! I was Super touched by his actions, because I really did not expect that and I was all ready to queue.

So that guys, was my first preggy “privilege” encounter!

I could not be more thankful!

And because Adeline is tiam chiak (greedy), I actually bought Kueh Lapis at the ferry terminal! 😂

I’m really really thankful for this short but relaxing vacay! 🥰

I cannot believe I’m saying this... but this is possibly our last vacay as just us two! 👫 We will be travelling as a family of three for our next trip! Anddd I can hardly wait already! 👨‍👩‍👧

#MarAdeTiny #dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

Day 4

Friday, 4 Jan 2019

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kissandflyxx (avatar)

kissandflyxx Hi dear, glad you enjoyed your trip! Just wondering if would you recommend montigo or canopi if you were to compare? Thanks! ❤️

3 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @kissandflyxx Hey Dear, if you just want to nua and do nothing, Montigo is better! Food is nicer as well! If you want to do activities, Canopi beats Montigo hands down! The activity prices at Montigo is crazy and not much activities (perfect for preggy ladies haha) to do also! Hope this helps! 🙆🏻‍♀️

3 months ago

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