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Fourth Gynae Appointment πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

3 December 2018

M and I are always always excited for my Gynae appointments because we get to see Pouffie! Though it also meant having to swipe our card again πŸ˜‚ (having a baby in Singapore is really not cheap - if you go the private road)!

As M likes to say... it’s a happy sort of pain (when he makes payment at the end of our appointment)! 😝 But for Pouffie, M and I will continue to work hard! πŸ’ͺ🏻

Like every appointment, I had to take the routine test - urine test, measure my weight and blood pressure!

All was in order! πŸ₯³

The highlight of our appointment is of course heading in our gynae’s clinic!

That very morning, after we say our Hellos, our gynae asked if...

I can feel Pouffie’s kicks already?

And I excitedly replied...


He smiled and said “that’s good!”

Before he lead me to the ultrasound machine, he asked if I have any questions. I usually don’t have questions to ask, but one of the night, when I was sleeping on my right, I felt a sharp pain on the sides of my belly and when I shifted to my left, the pain “travelled” towards the right and stopped (the painful tingling sensation) midway around my belly button (if you get what I meant 🀭).

Worried, I asked him if that was normal...

He went on to explain that because my uterus is expanding, it may press on some of my nerves which caused the pain. He assured me that a little bit of sharp pains is fine, as long as it’s not those kind that pain until I cannot walk!

I was so relieved to hear that from him!

After my question, we moved on to the ultrasound machine area to proceed with our routine scan!

As usual, our gynae explained Pouffies’s various parts to us while he scan. He said Pouffie’s head and tummy circumference is good. He also adds that her leg length is good. He let us hear Pouffie’s heart beat and he adds that her heart beat is strong! He told us that baby is healthy and growing well!

In the middle of the scan, he asked if we managed to get a CL already, so I told him that his wife’s CL is no longer working as a CL. Upon hearing that, he apologies. To which M and I quickly adds that it is alright and we also managed to get a CL, so all is well!

He continued scanning and to our surprise, he told us that baby is in a good position and he switched the scan to a...

3D scan!

He said he gets really excited to see babies in good position, so he changed the scan to 3D! πŸ˜†

M and I really did not expect that! He did mentioned that because it is still pretty early, so Pouffie’s features might not be fully formed yet because her head is still pretty tiny.

M and I were grinning like crazy when we saw Pouffie in 3D for the first time! Our hearts melted there and then.

And at that moment...

It was truly love at first sight. She was perfect in our eyes! The tiny human M and I created.

When I first saw the 3D scan, the first thing that came to my mind was “Ah! She have M’s nose!” (I showed our families as well and the first thing my SIL said was “She got M’s nose!) πŸ˜†

I also went and took a side profile picture of M to compare. πŸ˜‚πŸ€­ I told him, she is definitely your child! 😝

Our gynae also told us that my placenta is in a good position and that Pouffie have now turned head downwards! I was happy to hear that, because during our detailed scan, her head was at my rib cage! And I have been telling her to turn downwards... 😝 Seems like some baby is a really good girl! Please continue to stay this position okie!

After he told us that Pouffie’s growth is in order, he printed the black and white ultrasound pictures for us and a 3D picture of Pouffie! πŸ₯° I thought that it was really sweet of him to do that at no additional cost!

When we were done with our scan, he proceeded to share with us about the recommended baby products (omg I am still lost at this point in time) we can look out for/ get.


Pouffie’s signature - one hand on face. πŸ˜†

Her little tights!


Our Little girl at 22 Week, 6 days! She is currently 580grams now!

You are...

our definition of perfect! ❀️

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