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The day I found out I have GD...

2 January 2019

While I was at work, my phone rang and I immediately recognise that the number was from my Gynae’s clinic. Knowing that it must be my Gynae calling me to inform me of my OGTT result, I left my seat to get some privacy.

Our conversation went something like this...

👨🏻‍⚕️: Hello Adeline!
👩🏻: Hello Dr!
👨🏻‍⚕️: I’m calling to inform you of your OGTT results ah
👩🏻: Ya, okie...
👨🏻‍⚕️: You... DIDN’T pass, you got GD
👩🏻: Ohhh... okie... I knew I have a high chance of getting it...
👨🏻‍⚕️: Why leh?
👩🏻: Cause I have not been eating well...
👨🏻‍⚕️: It’s okay, you just have to watch your diet for now!
👩🏻: Okay, is the results... very bad?
👨🏻‍⚕️: Quite... but don’t worry, you come by my clinic, I get my nurse to teach you what to do.
👩🏻: Okay can.

After that I immediately called M to inform him...

Once I was done, I headed back to my desk. At that moment, I felt fine, because I knew I’m at high risk of getting GD, since all I ever craved for is fast food... 😶

So I knew I have a high chance of getting GD... but a part of me was still hoping and praying otherwise... because nobody at my side of the family have diabetes. When my Mummy is preggy with both my didi and me, she also did not have GD...and it didn’t help that every single appointment, my Gynae will say that Pouffie weight is good and my weight gain was also quite steady... everything was good...

I was fine, I really was... than I started googling...

What is GD, why will have GD, what can Mummy-to-bes with GD eat/ cannot eat, GD harms Mummy or Baby...

Than I learnt that there is also that dreadful prick test to be done...

I swear Google can be your best and worst Friend sometimes!

What is GD caused by... It’s risk factors...

90% of Mummy-to-be will be free of GD once Baby is born...

Women with GD are more likely to developing Type 2 diabetes in future...

What is GD...

How it will affect Baby... I learnt that during pregnancy, GD actually affects baby more than Mummy...

After reading everything... I didn’t have the mood to work anymore...

I had mixed feelings...

I felt lousy... I felt that Mom guilt... Why did I put Pouffie at risk because of GD...

and tears swelled in my eyes...

But because I’m still in office, I had to regain my composure. I told myself that it is alright, Pouffie will be fine. She will be fine.

I had that naggy thought (replaying my Gynae telling me that I am diagnosed with GD) at the back of my head for the rest of the day...

I left office as soon as it was time to leave (M picked me and we were talking about it the whole car ride back home)...

I had my very first “healthy” meal - YTF without rice.

This is my first bowl of super healthy YTF. I didn’t pick any fried “Liao” at all!

Even M couldn’t help but said “Wa I never see you pick all the healthy ingredients before...”

After I finished my meal, I was still feeling so so Super hungry - because no rice 🍚 and I didn’t dare to take rice!

After dinner, I just wanted to head home... I am not in the mood to do anything else but I don’t know... hide at home? and be all emotional...?

But we could not, because we were to send Whiskers to the vet to stay over for the night, as he was due for his sterilisation, the very next morning.

This made me feel lousy as well... I question our decision to sterilised him...

Is it really good for him? Is it very bad of us to rob him off his fertility? He is a cat and he cannot speak for himself!

Well, now I know for sure it is better for his health and we did not want him to mate anyway. And it will be worst when he get the heat but not able to mate!

But at that time, my feeling was just all over the place!

After the vet, because it’s my FIL’s birthday, M’s family gathered at their place to feast on crabs and they got us to head over too, to celebrate his birthday. I know it’s a happy occasion. But... my emotions were all over the place... I was so hungry - I have never been hungry for the whole pregnancy! And there is crabs on the table but I cannot have any... and it reminded me that I can no longer have saucy crabs...

Prior to heading to their place, M and I agreed that we will not share with our families (about me having GD) yet, because I was not ready.

The last thing I want is for them to “nag at me” out of care and concern, I know... but I know I cannot take that at that moment, because I will definitely break down and cry...

For me, when I’m feeling extremely down, I actually prefer to be left alone (best is don’t say anything...), instead of people showing me concern.

When people show me concern, I actually feel... worst?

I continued googling (why you do this to yourself Adeline?), while M feast on crabs... than I lose it...

I quickly headed to the toilet and I burst out crying...

Everything combined - knowing I have GD, whiskers sterilisation and not being able to eat made me Super emotional.

If you don’t know already, I’m a major foodie! I LOVE to eat! Throughout my pregnancy, I am always always happy! I only cried 4 times before knowing I had GD! And heck... more than half the time was because of food!!!!!! 😅

M came knocking at the door and asked if I’m alright, I regained my composure before opening the door, but because he knows me inside out la, he knew I cried.

And then he also knew it was time for us to leave... Bid our goodbyes and quickly made a beeline for the car.

As soon as I got into M’s car, my tears flowed uncontrollably... like a leaking tap...

M was so so worried/concerned of me, because he have not seen me cry like that for a really long time and he did his best to console me.

He did, eventually. 😬

God does not give you more than you can handle.

With that quote, I actually felt comforted.

At least I now know that I had to control my diet... at least it is not too late to do so... this is merely just a wake up call for me! To force myself to have a healthier diet and to choose to eat healthier food!

After that very day...without a doubt... I still feel upset once in awhile (because of the limited choices of food - coming from someone who always pick the not so healthy options when it comes to food - 😬).

And it is only now than I realised Singapore’s food options all mostly little meat (protein) and a whole lot rice or noodles!!! Where are the healthier choices???

5 January 2019

Went over to my Gynae’s clinic and his nurse gave me my results. She also taught me what to do and handed me a list of food that I can eat, for reference. When I look at that list, it actually was not as bad as I imagined it to be.

She told me that I had to pick two days in a week to do the finger prick test. 7 pricks per day! Yes, 7 times one day... 😶

Initially, I was overwhelmed again...

But Mummy will do anything for you, Pouffie! 💪🏻

We purchased the kit at the Guardian downstairs to prep for my pricking test.

If you’re wondering... the kit and the additional box of test strips and needles (you have to change the needle after every prick), costed us close to 200 bucks.

The kit.

It has been close to a month since I was diagnosed with GD and honestly... apart from the lack of food choices, everything else (pricking especially - coming from someone who is very scare of needles) is not too bad!

It is manageable!

About the Prick Test...

I did a total of 3 cycles (do you call it cycles?) already - three weeks, 8 days of 7 pricks each!

I’m not afraid to admit, during my first ever prick test, I was so scared I actually cried... 😬 I was damn scared of the pain la. 😅

Initially, there was a lot of trail and error... even with the kit itself.

The lancing device (the device that is used to prick your fingers) came with 10 different levels of “strength” - how fast the needle gets “ejaculated” when you hit the release button.

Because I was so scare during my first prick test, M tested on himself to show me that it wasn’t so bad. At first he placed it on “level 2 strength” and no blood came out. Only when he tried “level 3” than he managed to drew blood from his fingers.

I told him I wanted “one shot success” (because I don’t want to be prick another time ah) so he used the same level on me. Level 3 for me was like an ant bite! It did hurt a little, I’m not going to lie.

On the same day, we reduced the strength level to 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1 and finally 0.5 to see if it still able to draw blood from my finger. As you go down the level, the pain reduces also!

And Guess what?

0.5 was good enough to pierce my fingers! I swear you feel NOTHING at all, zero pain!

I turned to M and said “you got thick skin la!” And I may or may not have blamed him for the pain I had to suffer from the level 3 strength. 🤭 But honestly, I was the one who wanted “one shot success”... Oops... 😅

This is the very first day of my pricking test, after I did all 7 pricks.

I choose to do all on one finger (in my case the middle one... cause I rather suffer all in one finger 😬).

Till date, I still don’t have the guts to prick myself. So M have been helping me with my prick test.

About food...

I googled to find out roughly what I can eat.

What’s good - Vegetables (except for corn - because corn is sweet, so maximum only can eat half), proteinnnnn and more protein! You also cannot completely cut of carbs but must eat in moderation! Everyone’s body is different, some can take more, some not so...

And I’m surprised to see Mummies-to-be with GD who passed the prick test when they eat McDonald’s breakfast!

So far, out of the 8 days, 7 pricks per day results (total of 56 pricks result)...

I’m happy to say that I only had one borderline fail and one failed result! - will get back to this later.

Food that worked for me so far includes...

YTF. I pick all the non-fried/ non-processed ingredients.

Initially (when I was more “safe” and didn’t know how much my body can handle), I eat YTF without rice... omg... I was so hungry after it was no joke! Coming from someone who always eat until she is super full...

The sudden cut down in food intake was pretty hard for me to handle...

I learnt later on that I can take less than half of the rice and still pass!

Nowadays, in office, if I’m hungry after 2 hours I will snack on 2-3 pieces of wheat biscuits!

Western food - Pork Chop/ chicken chop

No fries!!! I now changed my fries to egg if possible.

Those that came with fries, I limit myself to just 3 slices of fries. 😬

Other western food that worked for me includes...

Aston - Grilled fish with mac and cheese and half a corn.

Hot tomato - Half a bowl of Tomato Soup, Pork Chop and sausage set (eat only less than half of the noodles) + lime juice

Cai fan - cannot finish the rice, must eat less than half!

Pick those ingredients with not too much sauce!

I almost got borderline fail when I picked two meats with sauces and steamed egg! So not too much sauce for me!

Wheat, chicken breast as the main source of protein. Don’t add sauce!

I eat less than half of my cha-soba.

Some other food that worked for me...

Is McDonald’s breakfast!

Sausage McMuffin + Teh O Kosong + Half cup corn (no butter but can add a little salt) + And one small bite of M’s hash brown. Cause I love their hash brown la!

But but but, this combination always always work for me!

I also tried Big Breakfast (only eat one of the bread + scrambled eggs + the meat patty + half cup corn + Teh O Kosong and I passed too!


I picked flatbread (only eat half the flatbread) + chicken breast + cheese + tomatoes with absolutely no sauce...

I swear this is the most pathetic subway sandwich I ever eaten...

But, I passed the prick test, and that is all that matters for me. 😬

Food that didn’t work for me...

For my borderline fail result...

I ate Sausage McMuffin (threw away half of one slice of bread) + Teh O Kosong + whole hash brown.

Yeap... My body CANNOT take FRIED food! After that test result, I now only steal a bite of hash brown from M and stick to my half cup corn! 😂

And for my failed test result...

I ate black pepper beef with rice and a side of Kai lan!

The reason why I fail - Black pepper sauce and I ate more than half of the rice.

I even attended a wedding dinner on one of the days I did my prick test and ate everything except for the noodles and orh nee (I took one bite and was so sad to give the rest to M because it was so good la... 😂) and even drank a cup of pretty diluted (I purposely added more ice) of iced lychee tea...

And I PASSED my prick test! I was so sure I will fail actually!

Which is why I conclude, my body CANNOT take too much RICE/ FRIED FOOD!

I can eat endless vegetables and protein (think: Mala) and still pass my test, but... my result always tend to spike when I eat more of the “fried” food or more rice.

I am too, still learning... learning to see what food my body can handle. And I do get tired from the limited food choices... but one thing for sure... is that...

I can promise that it does gets better

I now find joy in having a cup of Teh O Su Dai or my Ayataka - my guilty pleasure now. 😂 - I also cannot believe myself, because I was the kind who drink Teh and don’t find it sweet at all.

I learnt to pick “healthier” food options - I now look at the ingredient list before purchasing anything... And o.m.g. the amount of sugar I have been putting in my body is craaaaa!

After close to a month of picking food and drinks with less sugar/ are healthier...

My taste buds is also starting to change! Drinks that I once find not sweet at all... I now find them too sweet (stole one mouth from M 🤭).

Food that I once love, now taste salty to me (also stole one mouth from M 😂).

Ending this entry with this picture...

Oven baked Salmon and steamed broccoli.

A very special meal, because it’s the first ever meal M prepped (not Maggie or can food) for me because of GD. It took him 2 hours, and it didn’t have any seasoning at all but it is his love and thought that matters! 🥰

#MarAdeTiny #dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

Day 31

Thursday, 31 Jan 2019

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shinlinguity (avatar)

shinlinguity jiayou! keep ya diet simple and you will be fine!

1 month ago

conniehooks (avatar)

conniehooks u can hav brown rice/beehoon. dont worry everything will be ok💪

1 month ago

habeeilyinlove (avatar)

habeeilyinlove I was diagnosed with GD + had to jab insulin every night during my pregnancy too. I really took it very hard on myself at the beginning. But what's most important is to keep baby healthy inside. Now I'm cleared of GD after popping just got to watch my diet + I'm eating lesser rice now. Maybe stomach used to it already and go back for another OGTT. Don't worry too much babe! We're stronger than we know it. 💪🏻

1 month ago

thepacartans (avatar)

thepacartans Hey my dear. Don’t beat yourself on this alright. It does not mean that because you eat fast food means higher chance of GD.

It honestly don’t work like that. There’s many who drinks coke/bbt everyday, and don’t get GD. There’s ppl who exercise regularly, and took a strict diet and still get GD anyway.

Jiayou ok! Don’t blame yourself for your diet previously. It may not be linked, so don’t blame yourself for that. It could be genes. Some ladies, for some unknown reason, get GD despite a strict and disciplined diet.

1 month ago

luxistar (avatar)

luxistar Hugs* don’t blame yourself, jiayou!

1 month ago

Storiesofdolly (avatar)

Storiesofdolly Feel better soon. Hug

1 month ago

charleneheng (avatar)

charleneheng Pls remember to count baby’s movement daily.

1 month ago

kissandflyxx (avatar)

kissandflyxx Hugs babe, all will be fine! Jiayou! Just a lil more effort for a while more! ❤️

1 month ago

1314j (avatar)

1314j jy babe. 💪

1 month ago

wellington (avatar)

wellington Don't beat urself up! Pregnancy cravings are so hard to control le and I also think gd is not directly affected by ur diet. Hang in there k jiayou!!

1 month ago

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