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Pouffie’s cots

Pouffie’s cot finally got delivered on Saturday!

I cannot be more gladdddddd that it came... because let’s just say the person who is in-charge of arranging the delivery... is quite bad (for the lack of a better descriptive word). 😬

For one, the delivery was supposed to be two Saturday’s ago, but he missed our delivery order... and than, he promised that he will arrange for his delivery guys to come first thing in the morning last Saturday... and he even specified a time for me, but when his guys were late for an hour... he went total MIA on us (don’t want to answer both text and my calls)!

We have no choice but to contact the other number in our invoice and only then were the driver guys informed to come by our place next!

And when his guys finally arrived at our place... which was a good four hours later than the initially promised time, by the way! They told M and I that the guy in question did not inform them to come our place first... in fact, they were only planning to come to our place... l a s t! Yes, we were scheduled for the last home for delivery that day... 🤦🏻‍♀️

Butttttt it’s okie!

Despite the “drama”, at least her cot is here and I’m happy to announce that the furnitures in her room are ALL here! 🥳

After the guys set up Pouffie’s cot, we headed off for a quick lunch, before heading off to my colleague’s mummy place, because she so kindly offered to hand down her brother’s children cot!

Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, we now have two cots...

One brand new one for our place and the hand me down cot to be placed at my Mummy’s place!

My Mummy will be taking care of Pouffie after my ML (which is why we needed an extra cot - thanks to my colleague, we do not need to purchase another 🥰), and I cannot be more thankful that she agreed in a heartbeat when M and I approached her for her help. 😌

At least I know that Pouffie is definitely in good hands and will be well taken care of and loved by Mummy (albeit spoilt by my Mummy for sure 😂)!

As much as being a SAHM sounds like a great idea, when I think logically... in Singapore’s context (ahem, high cost of living and also taking into considerations of M and my monthly expenses), I definitely cannot stop working, neither would I want to put an extra “burden” to M by making him work doubly hard to cover my lack of income!

Sooo, we came to the decision of asking my Mummy to help! But this also would not be possible if my Mummy wasn’t so ready to help when we asked. So for this, I’m immensely thankful for Mummy!

Okayyy back to the cot... M and I transported the cot to my parents place and they got down to putting it together!

By ‘they’ I meant M, my Daddy and my Didi!

Hah! Setting up a cot is a job for three man! 😝 No la, all of them readily jumped in to help!

You see Pouffie, if you ever got a chance to read Mummy’s dayre, know that you are so well loved by all!

My colleague even gave us an almost brand new mattress and a brand new bedsheet! I’m so so Super touched!


My colleague’s Brother actually labelled the cot with alphabets (so they basically just have to match the alphabets to set up the cot)!

How smart of him! And thanks to that, the cot was done in less than 15 minutes!

Shifted and ‘parked’ her cot in my old room! 😄

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Day 28

Monday, 28 Jan 2019

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