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2nd Trimester in a nutshell

Since I’m currently in my third trimester already...

I figured it is about time I recount about the symptoms I experienced in my second trimester!

You know how Mummies always tells us that second trimester will be the best trimester out of the three trimesters?

Well... I would say yes it was, if I were to compare on the whole with my first trimester (still cannot compare with my third trimester ah)!

But “better” doesn’t mean you experience no symptoms at all, well... at least for me la...

The symptoms I experienced on my second trimester includes...


Surprise, surprise!

Or... maybe not...

But yes... although it was a wholeeeee lot better (as compared to the first trimester), nausea did not come to a hard stop for me as soon as I hit my second trimester!

At the start of my second trimester, when I didn’t Merlion (my term for puke) for a whole day, I did my “celebratory dance”, only to be hit by Merlion-ing again the very next day! 😅

And other times, when I happily told M that my nausea is gone for good... Yeap... it happen again the very next moment! 🤦🏻‍♀️

In conclusion...

Don’t. Jinx. Yourself.


But that being said, nausea on my second trimester was really much much better, in the sense that I no longer Merlion on the daily.

Nausea (the last time I Merlion) only fully bid me goodbye sometime on Week 22! *I hope I don’t jinx myself again*... I have not Merlion since then!


This was also not as bad as what was experience in my first trimester but I’m still generally quite tired, especially during the transition to my second trimester!

But, I definitely have more energy, because I finally have the energy to play with Whiskers (our furry 🐱)! I even have the energy to play “chase” with Whiskers and we were running a bit around the house... and that got M quite worried hah! He was like “Hey! You preggy don’t run la!” 😂 But yes, I definitely got back my energy!

I experienced Hooman Mummy guilt when Whiskers came to look for me to play but I seriously don’t have the energy to, back in my first trimester! 😆 I always tell him, “Sorry Whiskers, Mummy very tired, need to rest, you find Daddy okie?”


This happens more frequently towards the end of my second trimester - I’m guessing because my tummy is getting bigger and bigger (harder to switch sleeping positions at night and also harder to find a comfortable spot)...

But I’m good, as soon as I fall into deep sleep! However... I also have to...

Wake up at least once a night (on most night) to pee

One trick to prevent waking up in the middle of the night which worked for me is to simply not drink so much water before sleeping! 💦

I have a habit to drink a glass of water before bed pre-preggy, and had no problems sleeping through the night without waking up to pee! But of course, with a little one growing steadily in your belly and pressing on your bladder, drinking a glass of water before bed is now a no-go!

Vivid dreams

This happens more frequently at the start of my second trimester! I’d have weird and funny dreams. I wished I written down what I dreamt about somewhere... because... thanks to my preggy brain, I really don’t remember any of them now! 😅


I also had pretty bad headaches in the beginning! Thankfully, it didn’t last for long as well! The key requirement to stop bad headaches (which worked for me) is to ensure that I have plenty of rest!


With the growing belly, backaches are getting harder and harder to avoid! Anddd I had to make it a point to make sure that I lean back on my office seat’s backrest if not it will be “Hello backaches”, for sure!


Is a real painnnnnn! Sooooo load up on your vegs ladies!

Leg cramps (in the middle of the night)

My leg (more like calf actually), threatens to cramp on me a couple of times already, but because M and I used to dance - we get leg cramps quite frequently while practicing for dance, so I knew how to deal with it and stop it before it goes into a “full blown leg cramp”!

Soooooo it only happened once (the full blown incident) in my whole second trimester and I wrote about it here...


Water retention

If you read @Lindelious:241218 you will know that I experienced water retention during my second trimester... which was “earlier than average” preggy ladies... who typically only get water retention in their third trimester!

After that incident, I would get water retention every once in a while... especially on working days!

It didn’t help that I hold a typical OL job (think: desk bound) which sees me spending a whole lot of my working hours seated down which causes my feet to swell!

Despite me already making it a point to try to get up and walk about more often and spam water, some days my feet still swell. And on days like these, my remedy to “de-swell” my feet is to elevate my feet on top of two pillows (while sitting on the sofa) when I get home from work. By the end of 2-3 hours of elevating, my feet will return back to normal!

The last symptom I experienced (and still am actually) which is the worst... imo... is...

Hip joint pain

Do you know that for preggy ladies, in order to prep for the “big push”, in other words the arrival of our baby, our hip/ pelvic joints actually loosen?

Well, now you know!

This is also the reason preggy ladies tend to “waddle”... yes... because our joints are not as “solid” as other people. That, and also because of our huge preggy bellies are in the way! 😆

On another note, the joints of our feet actually also loosen... hence, your feet might now be too big for your shoes! Feet wise... it may or may not reduce back in size after you ‘pop’... I know of preggy ladies who grew a whole shoe size (eg shoe size 36 to 37), postpartum!

Because of the “loosening” of the joints, I experience pain on my left hip joint!

It is a battle (still is, unfortunately), against my left hip joint pain daily! But there are good and bad days... And the pain I feel can be excruciating on bad days!

On good days, I don’t feel the pain at all, but on bad days...

I feel the, what I can describe as numb yet kind of like electric shock pain for a few minutes when I first stand up, after sitting down for too long.

I feel the pain when I first get up from the car seat.

But the worst would be when i am trying to switch positions in bed/ get up from bed!

Switching positions... from my left side to my right is an actual chore now! I have to use my hands to support my left leg, because my left leg/hip is not strong enough to push me to my other side... yes, it is that bad.

I also have to find the “right angle” to push myself out of bed in the morning because my left hip/leg simply don’t have the strength to, and I don’t want to strain it further! That, or I get M to help me out of bed. 😅

And the only way to reduce the pain...?

Is the do some light exercise - brisk walking/ yoga will be good. (Make sure you double check with your gynae before doing any form of exercise!)

Exercise will allow for the muscles around the joints to strengthen - more support to my now loose hip joint and this will reduce the pain!

This symptom to me is no doubt one of the worst I experienced in my second trimester. Some days I’m really quite afraid of losing the function of my left leg! 😅 Soooo yes, I make it a point to exercise - brisk walk more frequently to strengthen my muscles!

The list of symptoms in my second trimester may be longer than the symptoms in my first trimester...

But I definitely feel better - both mentally and physically, energy level wise!

And despite all the symptoms I had experienced, am still experiencing or will be experiencing...

I always took comfort in the fact that as long as Pouffie is growing well, I am and will be ready for them! 💪🏻

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Day 18

Friday, 18 Jan 2019

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wtsatan (avatar)

wtsatan Hey Adeline can I check if during Oscar scan appt also must pay for the week 20 as well? And do they provide mc? Hehe 😜

6 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @wtsatan Hello, yes for mine, they gave the option of paying for the detailed scan during the Oscar scan to get a discounted price - if you pay for both at a go. But I can’t remember how much cheaper it was. 😅 The sonographer clinic does not provide mc for me, the Nurses at my Gynae clinic help me to arrange for my mc after both my Oscar and detailed scan. 😊

6 months ago

wtsatan (avatar)

wtsatan Thanks for replying me! I am seeing the same gynae as you 😜😜 so should I go over and ask for mc after I am done with Oscar scan?

6 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @wtsatan No worries! Ahh I see! 😆 Maybe you can call the Nurses to let them know you need a mc and will come collect after your Oscar scan!

6 months ago

wtsatan (avatar)

wtsatan Arhhhh okok thanks thanks Adeline !

6 months ago

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