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Hunting for Furniture for Pouffie’s room | πŸ“IKEA, Tampines

Okay, I don’t want to “change the time” to update my post yesterday... because lazy 😝 so I am going to continue yesterday’s entry here...

As I was saying, after the baby fair, M and I headed off to...

πŸ“IKEA, Tampines

We needed to get a few furniture for Pouffie’s room and since we were already at the East, M suggested that we head to the bigger IKEA at Tampines!

By the time we finished shopping at the Baby fair it was about 2ish near 3pm and M and I were famished... so first order of business upon reaching IKEA is to get our bellies filled!

I may be smiling, but my feet hurts so badly and my tummy was grumbling! πŸ˜†

A better illustration of how I was actually feeling...



We head for their cafeteria first, but boy was it packed on a Saturday afternoon!

The queues were cra and so was the seating area (so crowded, hard to find a seat)!

So we gave up and decided to go for their snack counters instead!

Hangry... but still can #selfie ...

Talk about priorities! πŸ˜‚

To be fair, we were waiting for the lift, so selfie it was, to kill time and hopefully forget about our hunger... even just for a split second! 😜

While in the lift...

Yeap, more selfie spammmmmmm

Sooo my belly is pretty obvious by now...I mean if you took one look at me, you would know I’m preggy.

After we got out of the lift, M told me that one Uncle was nudging on his Wife... telling her to look at me!

And he was saying “ni kan! ni kan! (You see! You see!)” At the same time, he was giving me/ us that “judgy“ look...

He must have thought that M shotgun me... πŸ˜’

M said that all these while, he was staring back at him... πŸ˜…

Hello Uncle, I know I look young, but I very old Liao hor! And so what if I got shotgun? Mei ni jia de shi! (None of your business 🀷🏻‍♀️)

Times like these reminds me not to be too quick to judge!


Yay for food finally!

IKEA’s hotdog buns are the best-est! πŸ˜‹


And some greedy...

Had two! 🀭

After getting our bellies filled, it was time to shop!

Sofa Bed

First up, we went to look at sofa beds!

Oh my Gosh, we frequent IKEA, Alexandra, but this was only my third time at their Tampines branch!

I must add that it was so H U G E that we got lost so many times! πŸ˜‚ It didn’t help that my feet was legit hurting damn badly... so to save us the hassle, we kept looking for IKEA’s staff to ask for directions! Heh

As I was saying, one of the furniture we needed to get was a sofa bed!

#dayrehomes #ikea #dayreshopping

Pouffie’s room right now is bare... (other than some of my stuffs I placed in her room, oops 😬 *note to self to clear soonest*)

And as of Saturday, we only bought her cot... which will be delivered to our home very soon, yay!

M and I decided that she will be sleeping with our confinement lady. After placing her cot and other misc items (I have in mind) that we have to place in her room, it really left us with no luxury of space to put a proper bed in the room.

Sooooooo sofa bed it was!

Armed with Pouffie’s room measurements... we set off hunting for one!

Even so, M and I had a hard time looking for one (most of them are too huge!)... because... Yeap, space constrain ah!

Sofa beds...


I must say that their Tampines branch does seemed to have more options!

After countless...

Sit test/ test for comfort
Price comparison vs practicality
Looking at measurements
Colour comparison
Practicality (in terms of space usage)

Well... I participated only in the “sit test” and colour comparison... and mostly use my phone (shaking my legs while “testing out the sofa”... ahem, in other words, sitting on the sofa bed and do nothing 🀭)...

M was “hard at work”!

I kid you not, M actually got down to drawing out Pouffie’s room (with measurements and all) in his phone, and placing virtual furnitures in her room to check if it is doable - keeping everything mentioned above in mind, and making sure there is still ample space to walk in her room!

Somebody please give this Baby Daddy an award! 😝

We finally found...

The one!

πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»Both M and the Sofa bed 😝

βœ”οΈ Comfy
βœ”οΈ Price was right
βœ”οΈ Fits Pouffie’s room perfect
βœ”οΈ Yes to easy to match colours
βœ”οΈ Storage space

Plus, it is a good size two-seater sofa when it’s not used as a bed! After our confinement auntie leaves, I can use this sofa to nurse Pouffie! πŸ‘πŸ»

Pulls out at the sides to form a bed - you can keep the additional cushion inside the storage area when not in used! Which is so aesthetically pleasing to our eyes! 😍

We also got the highly raved...


To keep Pouffie’s necessities at arms reach! πŸ˜„

Next, we went on the hunt for...

Dresser - Chest of drawers

A storage place to store her clothes is definitely a must! Nothing pretty much caught our eyes until...

We saw this!

We later learned that this is a modular furniture - which meant to say that basically you just got to buy the parts and pieces and you can piece them to whatever you desire!

From this display area, IKEA pieced a dresser area on the left and an open concept wardrobe on the right! I thought it is a great idea, should we want to expand her wardrobe area in future! And I really like the flexibility of creating your very own dream closet!

M and I were all ready to purchase it - we even got IKEA’s staff to assist us to write down all the parts and pieces that we needed.

But as soon as he showed us the price tag of our ideal dresser... it was a no-go! 😬

It was wayyyyyyyyyy outta our budget and there was no way M and I would pay such a price for IKEA furniture!

Sooo we decided to continue looking at other dressers they had in store.

After looking at all the dressers they had to offer, we decided to get...


Fun fact:

I also have the exact same dresser back at my parents place (my Daddy and Mummy got it for me at least a good 10++ years back)! And I know the quality isn’t the best (mine is falling apart already, cannot put heavy stuff) and in fact the finishing (painting) on my old piece is better (shiny laminate for mine, now they just paint the wood white and you still can see streaks of wood under the super thin white paint)...

But... for the price point, we really cannot complain!

We figured that baby clothes are lighter and we can always upgrade Pouffie’s furniture in future! That way, she gets to pick her own better quality furniture for her room when she is older! πŸ˜„

So yes, this will do for now!

After consolidating our items...

We went to the mega huge warehouse to pick them up!

This place is a maze! We got to asked IKEA’s staff for assistance if not there is no way we can find our items! πŸ˜‚

M and my first time getting so many items from IKEA by ourselves, so must take picture! 😜

I’m not sure how M managed to manoeuvre this bad boy with the cra crowd! Haha But he did it!

We made payment and arranged for delivery!


Oh, this is the only item from IKEA that we hand carry back home!

A foam changing mat for Pouffie!

My legsssss were numb by the end of our shopping trip... And I was so very tired!

I used to be able to shop for hours, but not anymore! πŸ˜‚

Butttttt I gotta give M and myself a pat in our back for checking so many boxes on our must-purchase list!

Really really happy to make progress! πŸ₯³

#Bumpfie at Week 28 Day 3 🀰🏻

#MarAdeTiny #dayrepregnancy #dayremummies

Day 15

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019

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isabelle (avatar)

isabelle Wah ikea really so crowded.. I wanted to make my way there at 3+ after the bb fair but was too tired and decided to go Changi airport to have lunch instead πŸ˜‚

7 months ago

luxistar (avatar)

luxistar Wa really is a day of shopping for pouffie πŸ‘πŸ»

7 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @isabelle Yes it was! But ikea is always crowded! πŸ˜‚

7 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @luxistar Hehe! My feet was a goner on Saturday. 😝

7 months ago

luxistar (avatar)

luxistar At least most stuff were settled πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻 worth it right! Rest during weekdays ok!!

7 months ago

Lindelious (avatar)

Lindelious @luxistar Still got a lot to buy! πŸ˜‚

7 months ago

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