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August 2019

Paris PWS

Yay settled Paris pws! Haha I’ll think about the one in Aussie when this is over 😂 honestly I’m a little over wedding planning already Hahaha half a mind to freaking elope which was my parents suggestion in the first place?#dayrebrides Does anyone have recommendations for rental of PWS dress I’m not looking for a wedding dress though


Some wedding updates..Venue ✔️ AHAVAAD photography ✔️Blocmemoire (I chose my wedding date based on their availability okay haha)Everything else ❌ For now this is good enough for me luh will probably start looking for my makeup artist nextOverseas PWS: Melbourne + Paris (since I’m headed there might as well?) I’ve got a photographer in mind for both countries but if anyone has got recommendations please lemme know k!!! I also don’t plan to wear a wedding gown for those shoots😂

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my lady Dior condition fml

Meh I’m quite sad at the condition of my lady Dior it’s a lovely colour but the wear and tear is just so bad?

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finally some shopping!

Hahaha paparazzi shot of the bf courtesy of @Sundaymayhem 😂 will be back to update on wedding planning so far #dayrebrides

bday plans for the fiancé

Omg I really want to smack myself I was getting ready to book my air tickets via Lufthansa hesitated for awhile refreshed the page and the price increased from 956 to 1377?! Wtf not 50 dollars leh 400?! Wtf is this a Friday thing or 🤦‍♀️

Meh I miss spinning haha been boxing for too Long!

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