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Just looking through my past dayre posts , n I almost forgotten about this Holy grail eyelid tape that I need to restock if I see it... The best thing about dayre to me its also like a time line reminders of the stuffs I love but almost forgotten because of the invasion of so many other newbies along the way.

Just walked past Watsons n they are having one day members sales, with alot of 30% discounts. Very tempted to get the Nutox anti aging moisturiser.

Just realized that I have been putting on the weights, can feel it most prominently around the stomach n thighs area , so uncomfortable like suddenly when I sit down can feel the one layer of fats stuck there.... Time to do someting about it from now ! Sigh, somtimes overeating its a form of escape ! But for most, the tough work of losing it all again its so not worth it...

Day 65

Wednesday, 6 Mar 2019

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