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Guard your heart, cause no one else will.

I got 5 timed

Honestly... it’s never easy.... shutting up about this and having no one to actually talk to.

I’ve been in so much pain, so much tears, and have had practically ruined the entire 2017 for myself.

I’m not doing this to solely expose the bad deeds of this particular someone... but also largely to leave this big stone in my heart in 2017 for good.

I’ve always shared my life on the internet, and this time I was taught otherwise. Felt really weird.

As the little title says la, I think everyone who actually still reads my dead alive Dayre actually know months ago, I posted photos of this guy I was very much, in love with.

He brought me to breakfast dates, movie dates, dart dates, slept over and even brought me to Boracay...... however shortly after, I removed all my posts, without a single hesitation.

Well, I thought I did it for him and I, turned out I was doing it so he could further cheat and hurt me more.

His name is Ashry Owyong Min, otherwise, Ashley.

1. I met him on tinder a whole year ago.... even before my ex which I shall not name who. Shortly after talking he told me he was going to Australia for a Mission, one whole month, he wouldn’t be able to contact me and we left it as that.

2. Aft my ex and I broke up.. he came back texting me with another number with a “hi”. I wasn’t ready for anything, but him and I hit off so well.... even when we went for movie dates, he was so prim and proper

3. We shared stories through the night, and they all seemed so heart wrenching to me. Poor guy, I thought, his stupid ex gf (or so I thought) dumped him cause she couldn’t accept his dreams (of being in the special force)

4. We started hanging out more and he was so gentle... with me.... my heart, my feelings.

Shit, this guy though... I am falling in proper love with him. I actually thought that damn, this guy is the one I wanna down with????

I became so invested. So devoted.

He would send me photos of himself, doing the things he’s ever so passionate about, Crossfit.

Tell me about his day at work, how army is treating him

Or even how he has reached home safe at home, and how much he has enjoyed his time with me.

Every minute spent with him was magical. We weren’t even showy with this relationship. We could stay at home, watch Netflix and have me falling asleep halfway....

Or he would play old songs and have me Guess them, in which I score 10/10 always.

These were life’s simplest yet more genuine joy.

He wanted our relationship to be private, I was like what???

“Remove your Dayre posts..” “cringe..”

*takes a deep breath*

“Yeah you’re right baby, I don’t need the world knowing about us. As long as I know I’ve got you”

And this was how I took such a large turn for how I treat my relationship. I never breathed a word about him anymore, not on here, not on Instagram.

And all was amazing, he even brought me to Boracay..

We even vlogged our trip down 😞

Experienced the most amazing sunset, sat by the beach on our beanbags, my head leaned against his...

“Baby, thanks for making me the worlds happiest person”

“I love you so much, I love you baby”

And cringey it might sound, the setting was so.... heart warming. I was on this romantic island with the man of my dreams.

He told me he’d hold my hand wherever I go, whichever step i take.

Thought this relationship would be as clear, transparent and honest like the waters and that my smile, would never diminish whenever I was with him.

I had the most amazing experiences with him on that beautiful island,

Cliff jumping
Island hopping
Flying fox on tandum
Sitting on the cable car
Driving on a motorcycle through the entire island
Walking barefooted on the soft soft sand

Which I have photos of all I’ve done with him, kept in my macbook...

We even bought this stupid selfie stick hahaha... to capture the sunset we saw whilst parasailing like the photo above

I think anyone could’ve easily tell that my face spelled pure joy really

Life was so simple, and I thought to myself, damn, love should always feel this way.

Oh, cute date night.... we had amazing local food and this idiot here forced me to try my first brinjal, which was oddly very tasty

Had my henna done and we even joked to the people there that we were married (wth hahaha)

Our lives there were nothing but chill and more together alone, private time

We also got matching anklets, to symbolise the love and relationship we shared.

One so sacred, so private, yet so so stable in my eyes (which didn’t last Long at all)

On the trip he whipped out his phone and went to insta story, filmed me...

What?????? I was so lost

Is he showing me to the world...?

Omg he is, he told me he’s taking an insta story 😭

I was ALL smiles help... this guy is serious about us. I know I said I didn’t care for the world to know about us- but he is making us public. This is huge 😭

“Baby, send me the video u took on Instagram? I wanna keep”

“Sure baby :)”

As soon as I received those videos, I posted them on my insta story. And continued posting photos of him on my story for the next 4 days.

The last day was when I cried for 2 hours on the way to the airport

What the heck was going on..... who is this girl again..... why the hell is she always hating on me?!

Ashry told me this gal here was his Sister. She hates me because of the things I say on here, on Instagram.

*what the hell... seriously why???*

I asked him, begging him, to just tell me what the hell is going on????

“It’s my Sister, ignore her.” “Omg you posted our photos and videos on your insta story?”
“Omg you unprovoked your Instagram?! When???”

Omg I took us on insta story but I never posted. I saved and deleted it

Please deactivate your Instagram, my Sister is seriously being so annoying

There you go, love’s so so blind.

I, Chloe Teo, immediately deactivated my entire account.

He held my hands in the plane after knowing I had my account deactivated and told me everything will be fine.

The flight was so Long, I was so tired.... my skin was so burnt, eyes so hot from crying in my 2 hour bus ride to the airport, and yet my mind was running.

Thinking over and over again. Just why, exactly why do I have to hide from his Sister.

I’ve got to meet her some time soon.

She has to accept me sooner or later, I’d rather clear the air with her.

Went to reactive my account and replied his “Sister” hahaha, clearing the air as to why she hated me (what the...) and how she should give me a chance.

What the heck, all I got from her was

“I’m really really sorry for your past but trust me when I’m saying I’m not his Sister. I really am not”

“Send me intimate photos of you and him then.”

“Prove it to me”

I felt my world crumbling. My mind was in a whirl, I just touched down in Singapore, and Ashry was here sat beside me witnessing the truth unfolding infront of him.

What the hell is going on. Please Ashry.

“She’s my ex”

I also shortly found out he was texting me using his “Army Phone”

How convenient really.

“Baby can I see what’s inside this phone!!”

“Private and confidential, u know, army stuff... it’s a lot harder especially when you’re in the special force. I’m sorry baby”

Truth was, this fella here had a dozen more girls he was talking to, and flirting with while sleeping beside me.

It’s so sad, just to have so many girls tell me as I broke down about this on Instagram, “I am dating him too”

What the heck man, this girl’s attached to him for 2.5 years, what the actual heck.

And at this point in time, she wasn’t in Singapore..... she was actually overseas so as much as she was just spewing me with so, much, truth.

My heart was blinded for Ashry. Despite my tears, broken heart and disbelief, he was still sleeping over my house consistently for the next couple of days.

He was telling me, opening up about some of the things. He kept insisted they have broken up, that she’s a psychotic person, hung over him when he doesn’t love her not one bit at all.

But things weren’t so simple, his mom is pressurising them to get married, they’ve already got a BTO which would cost $5000 to cancel

I was being taken on such an emotional roller coaster. What the hell, I was here being told to Everyday “I LOVE U SO MUCH BABY....”

And yet he would insinuate that him and I never stood a single chance, simply because his mom and her was super overbearing. He was just too afraid to speak up for himself????

He then told me he spoke to “his” grandpa and he said that I was not for him, that I wouldn’t be there for him like Rhys did.

What.. why am I being so undermined

Everyday while he was sleeping with me, I would be busy talking to her, finding it more and more truth and Everyday my heart would break a little more.

But truth was, I never trusted her.

Who was she? Who was she for me to believe what she said.

I just went to Boracay with this amazing man here whom I really wanted to settle down with. What are her words against his?

Of course my head has his words etched by every single thread. I was convinced, she was lying.

Short summary of the lies he has said to me

1. He picked me up in a red Hyundai, said it’s his grandpa’s. Nope. It’s HER grandpa’s.

2. Picked me up in a silver car. Said it’s his dad’s. Nope. It’s HER dad’s.

3. Broken up this year since February. Nope. NOT once.

4. Goes to visit his grandparents at bullion part every week. Nope. HER grandparents. WITH HER.

5. His mom bought their engagement rings already. NOPE.

6. Had a BTO already, NOPE.

7. Said she got engaged but left, cause she loved him. NOPE.

8. He’s been in the Special Ops Force for 3 years now... Nope. Not even a single year.

9. 18th-20th oct, set out to sea for a Mission. nope. Happily spending his time with her at the beach, shopping, movies and gym.

10. He had his driving license suspended because his Brother was drink driving using his car. Nope. He never even had a license to begin with.

11. Lied about his past w regards to school. Secondary school, expelled for webcam sex scandal, went to ITE, poly then uni.

Y’all can just search la, “Ashry Owyong Min sex scandal”

Hahaha, to be honest when he told me about this, I wasn’t even disgusted. I was still telling him that everyone makes mistakes and that I’ll still love him even if my friends laughed at him and I for his wrong doings....

No really, he really doesn’t deserve my heart and my kindness.

12. Called me 5 times between 3-5am asking me if I was awake because his dad’s house is really uncomfortable to sleep at. Nope. Turns out, he fought with the other Girlfriend of his which he was supposed to stay over at, and she kicked him out... he slept at the bustop hahaha.

13. Told me he was with friends playing darts, Nope. He was with his other girlfriend on a date night.... what the hell, after he left my house just that afternoon comforting me because of all the truth i found out about.

14. Told me he had to go to school but Nope. He went to Suntec for a date night with his other Girlfriend...

15. Or how he was stuck at school and could only come at 9pm when Nope. He was actually busy spending time with one of his other 3 girls outside.

16. How he said his grandma threatened to kill her sled when he wanted to leave the relationship, Nope. He didn’t even breathe a single word about me.

Fk ah, he was never interested in me hahaha. Seriously.....

Fancy dates honestly I don’t know how would he ever keep up with so many girls.

If you guys must know. He very often visits the toilets... like non stop. I figured each time he goes to the toilet he would reply his different girls la...

I’m just genuinely surprised at how well he can keep up with so many people.

After a torturous week, she finally touched down in Singapore and she called me...

Throughout this entire week of talking, I was constantly lying to her because Ashry told me too.

I was so silly, to protect his reputation for him, while tarnishing mine.

I lied to her about the simplest things from... never actually being intimate with him and never staying over at mine, to things like oh we’ve never met since you texted me when truth was, he was actually still sleeping st my house?

Oh, what a smartie. He coincided our Boracay trip with her Japan trip.

I still can’t wrap my head around these awful lies.

She promised me a three way meet up in which she didn’t fulfil her promise not till I forced it out of them.... because she blocked me off all her social media handles.

And I really don’t blame her. He must have lied to her and told her how much of a “psychotic” person I was just like how he brain washed me.

I’m glad I am a rash person sometimes hahahahaha, if it was not for the whole insta story saga I created, I bet she would’ve never came out to meet me with him.

Finally, a three way meet up

My words came out like molten lava... I had so much to say, to reveal about this absolute dickhead.

Who was this man I swore to love wholeheartedly.

Why was her and I constantly fighting with one another as to who loved him more. He deserves none of that shit.

He was still lying to his Girlfriend about him and I, hell no honey. I wouldn’t let this slide unless she knows every detail of him and I. Even the most explicit and hard to digest truth. She had to hear them all infront of him.

And while I was just spewing more truth about him and I infront of him.... his eyes started to be red, with his fists clenched, as if he was ready to throw a punch towards me.

His Girlfriend still calmed him down...

“Ash stop it, don’t.”
“Calm down”
“Don’t do this”

What the actual hell... who was supposed to be the angry one...? I was in such a driven state when I met them I was not even afraid of what he was gonna do to me.

I was this empty shell who didn’t mind whether her life was gonna be taken away by physical abuse haha.

Problem was, wtf Ashry how dare you even get mad at me for exposing you and telling the truth when you never once cared for me?

Everyday I was just having to put up a front infront of my parents.

Hide truth from his girlfriend

Confront him about his other gals and have him lie as usualllll

Pretend to be ok with him

Pretend to be happy with him and at the same time dig more truth from his Girlfriend

Everyday’s death.

Everyday I receive new messages from girls telling me they dated him

I could actually write a whole novel and turned it into a a Hollywood blockbuster 😭

The girlfriend kept telling me it was just tough for her, and I had to understand for her

Have Ashry avoid the whole situation altogether while he went gallivanting with his other chicks and left me here to deal with shit alone.

This really wasn’t just it.....

Throughout this 4 months I shared with him, I’ve subconsciously helped him book so many cab rides to and fro “his place” (sometimes it’ll be the girlfriends house lol) and though each trip was a mere $5/6, compiling them altogether made me realise how much money I’ve spent..... zzzz

Each time we go for meals together, I would always choose to go on dutch and I would return him to the nearest $10 domination. Hais, stupid me.

All that money I returned, he took to cheat on me.

He also went to Halloween Horror Night with one of his girlfriends.... err before going to it with myself, my brother and his girlfriend

And despite him already knowing the entire USS so well, he actually pretended to not know anything with me???????

It was such a flawless act really, HAHAA i actually met a really good Friend of mine who is a vlogger and he caught snippets of Ashry and I in his vlog so you should go check it out. (Livinglikelionel on YouTube)

I can’t imagine what would his reaction be if he knew his face was shown to the world with me around.

The juiciest part, I found out he had a Boyfriend at the same time

And with boyfriend, I mean like yes boyfriend.

They had intimate photos too ok




I can’t even begin to tell u how tight my chest was feeling

Even him and I haven’t taken photos like that.

Surely you could tell me yourself what you think of their relationship?

I confronted Ashry and he told me that they were just good friends... really???

Wth is with #truelovewins #happytogether


Holding hands really? Close Friends?

A picture speaks a thousand words. I suppose you guys can arrive at a conclusion yourself, and trust me, I have more saucey photos of them together.

Yknow what’s messed up... one of his girlfriends and I actually met up and we both went to talk to his Girlfriend, with a genuine heart, told her to really just spare a thought for her own heart.

and I honestly expected her to at least take a break from him to see what direction she wanted to take this relationship towards.

But nah, honestly I am quite shocked at her decision.

Despite me telling her the fact that he has 2 phones, she never even bothered to search for his second phone.

I even told her about the Boyfriend but well, she doesn’t seem to buy the story that they are together.

And again, I don’t blame her, he speaks and influences people really flawlessly. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you were in her shoes haha... she has never even taken a break from him. In fact, wth they are going on a holiday together?

Babe if you’re reading this,

Can you tell Ashry to return me all the money for the times he asked me to book him a grab, took out shared money to buy himself a Stan Smith socks, my $50 bucks from the 2 socks I got him and for all the meals I decided to go on Dutch with.

I am never one to take back something I give to someone.

But he really doesn’t deserve a single drop of kindness I’ve given him.

Every benefit of doubt I gave him, he stretched it to the maximum. Fully took advantage of the trust I had for him to betray me time and time and again.

Yknow what, just transfer over $200, it’ll be more than enough. I mean, since he works part time as a swimming instructor now, $200 shouldn’t be much, he can even go KL with you.

And to you, dear girlfriend

I just hope and pray that one day you’ll learn to love yourself before loving others.

Trust me when I say he doesn’t love you one bit. I know so so so much more than what I’ve shared right here. And it’s a pity I can’t say anything more because you deserve to hear the truth first hand.

I know you think he’s changing but no girl, he really isn’t.

I’ve spent nights thinking just why are you so adamant on being with a dick, cheat and liar. And honestly nothing breathes louder than your insecurity to find a “better” guy.

I can’t understand how you’re so accepting of a man this flawed, this confused at his sexuality, this directionless in life when he’s already 24, this financially dependent on you, and this daring when cheating on you.

I just honestly wish you the best but if one day you come texting me crying about him, u deserve it.

Oh also, word spreads quick. I hope u know the 4 girls including me aren’t the only ones that he is playing

Someone (that is verified speaking the truth) has told us he goes out to drink with them...... and at the same time hit up on SQ girls including him. Ever so blatantly.

And when the bill came up, the SQ girl offered to pay first and all the boys passed Ashry the cash for the drinks and food, telling him to pass it off to the SQ girl he was talking to, that paid the bill.



He pocketed every single penny of the money what the fuck.

Utterly disgusting to see someone which absolutely no financial stability, a man eating off his Girlfriend and all his other flings outside, swallowing his buddies’s money and then pretending to be some big shot, Singapore’s Special Ops Forces?


I’m so glad you aren’t in there, I’d be shaking if I knew I was protected by useless men like you Ashry.

Please get your shit together.

I sound fine, and I believe I am mostly, for the majority of the time, fine.

I have times when I really miss him and the times we’ve spent together but everytime I get reminded of the shit he decided to put me through I just get so angry.

He doesn’t deserve a single bit of his girlfriend’s kindness as well. What the hell man, double dates at Sentosa? Christmas gathering? Close friends hating on me (oh this what the actual fk yknow......) and standing up for Ashry????

SO/ to Mel and Radi esp

Everyday I get more and more angry thinking of when his friends block me.

But to those who actly bothers to care for me la AHAHA, I am ok.

I really am. I just have a lot of conflicting thoughts in my head. One part of me wants to let this all go, but the other sort of me wants to spill part 2 of this truth.

I wanna completely tear down this ugly person. This disgusting fella who has his Girlfriend wrapped around his fingers, being played like a puppet Everyday.

I wanna report his case to Mindef cause guys, he actly is tryna sign on help.

I just don’t really know what to do, what direction to take.

I hate him so much, he doesn’t deserve all this happiness from his stupid and blind Girlfriend. And I’ve got this neverending urge to take things into my own hands.

I’m confused and kinda broken still. Hais. 😞

In case y’all wanna go stalk him, he has like 3 accounts it’s fking ridiculous la really


First one is the cleanest of all accounts, the one he gives all his flings la including me hais

Second one is his private one, inside you’ll find a lot of photos of him with his girlfriend

Third one I don’t know ah honestly hahahaha

His boyfriend’s handle is


Y’all should go follow and see see look look. Damn juicy I cannot.

Ok goodnight y’all.

Good morning

Damn my insomnia is getting real bad fml. πŸ˜ͺ

And wa hahahaha I thought my account was dead but no la, thanks for the encouraging comments....

I was talking to one of the girls he dated, which is now a real good Friend of mine ah that I decided to talk about this and she reminded of a few things i needed to tell y’all. Especially those who plays on any form of dating app ok!!!

This is the very famous photo that he uses to impress girls la hahaha, and if you ever see it floating around please be aware!!!!

So I remember him telling me that he’s half Aussie and his grandparents are full white or something like that but idk ah....

Hahaha, last time when my good friend matched him, he ever said he was both into guys and girls so πŸ™ƒ

I supposed he then changed it into “halfway through a degree” but nah, that’s a lie.

1. He got a scholarship into ITE but then got kicked out
2. got into National db team but got kicked out
3. Lies about doing degree in SIM nah, diploma in RMIT instead.

He has also since removed all his photos and changed his account name to that of a rugby player I suppose to conceal his identity la but please be careful ok

Side track, do u know of any Boyfriend who refuses to even add his own girlfriend on Facebook?!?!?!

All these red flags and yet some people turn a blind eye πŸ™„

Quite lame eh really hahahaha 24 years old and he’s gotta do such things like... πŸ€”

Can I also say, he owes Crossfit Mobilus so... much.... money........

He actually just took advantage of the fact that his Friend was the one who opened the box so he could go off on months without paying a single cent.

Many of the real SF boys have been spilling tea about him asking my good Friend and I to chill out but please ah, if any of y’all see him anywhere online, report spam and block ok HAHA πŸ˜‚

He has since owed I think 3/4 months worth of membership amounting to almost half a thousand dollars.

And all the cars he drove.... to bring girls on dates

Petrol and cash card also girlfriend top up one eh

Wah I just cannot with people who has absolutely zero back bone.

Don’t let good looks get into your head, the last I checked his heart was rotting quite profusely. Besides, he never loves anyone. Just seems like he loves the free shit, the free rides we book for him, the free accommodation we give to him and the free xxx lol.

Ugh, ok here on a little explicit but people deserves to know to what kinda extent of a fuckboy he is.

And how dare him actually go into tinder and swipe on girls????

I am honestly blessed at the amount of friends I have because he has unfortunately hit on the wrong girl... and boy oh boy


My heart sank ah really.... like I was alr so broken after learning about so much truth and here he is happily chatting girls up



And so.... I asked him to sign himself into tinder and he just insisted he forgotten the password blablabla, obviously lying right through his decaying teeth ugh.

And this isn’t it, he still looked at me after and said “Now believe when I said my account was hacked?”

Which he then proceeded to hug and kiss me again walao what the hell ah ☹️

Trust me I had my doubts, but put yourself in my shoes, you’ll realise love ain’t just about logic.

When I gave him an ultimatum, her or I

He actually told me he can’t leave her because she’s simply too overbearing. Her parents are also putting a lot of pressure on him.

He rather be upset for his whole life than fight for his own happiness. Which i then realise only money makes him happy. And maybe sex.

“Remain Friends”
“Are we gonna forget bout one another”

He makes u feel so broken FOR him.... puts himself in this vulnerable light, for us to just feel even more for him.

No boy, your time is over.

Oh also, what he has told some of these gals that he has dated is quite atrocious

Prepare for yourself to look like that cause....

While him and one of his other gals were making out in their backyard, things got a little steamy and he uttered to her while ever so slightly touching her in places less than decent

*gals name* Can I rape you now?

Honey noooooo.

I don’t care whether you’re tryna be a romantic or what but raping is such a degrading term to use?!

Besides. Rape is never a joke. It’s not something you utter into the ears of a girl to make her feel vulnerable.

Bear in mind this gal’s a virgin and she has very strong opinions on this topic so she would never allow..... and so everytime he gets horny hahaha he would always try his luck to get into her pants.

I’m not being explicit for y’all to laugh (y’all can laugh la but) but the main point of this is really to shed light on how terrible of a person he is.

He never feels remorse throughout this entire saga and as much as I was home crying, he could more than often go find one of his side flings to hang out.

She even told me for all the days he met me, he was incredibly happy.

Wow Ashry, seriously man. In the afternoon you cry with me and in the late afternoon, you’re playing arcade???

Classic encounter of Ashry with me (and other girls)

This is how our money flies and disappears because his “pay u back tmr haha” is absolute fkin nonsense la.

Like he does it to me 100% of the time so it’s damn frustrating that I fall for it over and over again

But this girl also another one hahaha, she has spent so much of her hard earned money on him now I am convincing her to ask him back for her money

Anyway I’m just gonna be posting rubbish photos and videos I’ve had w him cause y’all can actly see how much efforts he puts in cheating la

He actually drove his girlfriend’s car to come pick me up at my place at 7am for breakfast, sent me home and then told me he was gonna go to “school” when in actual fact he went back to his girlfriend’s house to sleep cause he was “too tired from Crossfit”

Random videos he will send me through the days when we texted and not meet cause he was busy with whatever the hell he had la

^ which is probably hanging out with other chicks

Even dare told me these packets look like condoms wtf help.

Also, I’ve realised he is an extremely horny boy with absolutely no precautionary measures.

So to any gals out there who is reading this doubting me and believing him, like pls just use protection k. His .... really damn dirty idk one day enter how many flowers

Yah this video!!!

“Ong baby I am so tired from Mission for 3 days but I’m Glad I’m on the way home”

“I’ll do take you out on a date when I see u tomorrow.”

What mission? HAHA spend three days with Girlfriend Mission because she’s gonna go to Japan for her tournament kinda Mission?

Days where we just chill out at home being all cute and shit.

I recorded all these and actually posted them on my ig because I was at that point in time, a private account.

He was the one who told me to private my account because there were “a lot of people who hated” me that was stalking me and he wanted to protect me lol

We would even hit the gym together and try be healthy together lol.

This is the gym that he and his Girlfriend would regularly visit but she was overseas so Guess who took her place?

These were the juicy videos that caught his girlfriend’s attention haha😊

Serve him right for lying to me and creating the false impression that he was gonna show me to the world really

A little disclaimer,

I unprivated my account because I do a couple of sponsored posts and they have to be publicly shared. I then decided to just publicise my account but I didn’t tell him at the same time cause I mean.. there’s no need to tell?!?!

He also at that point in time blocked me off his Instagram account saying his Sister was the culprit so he couldn’t check what was I posting πŸ˜‚

This is really called being shot in your own foot lmao.






Oh this one is his girlfriend’s place ok wtf


His girlfriend took these photos for him too



Please, stop lying through your teeth. Don’t slander me of things I didn’t say

The last I remembered I never once asked you out on a date first, held your hand first, kissed you first or said I love you first.

Anyone who knows me will know that my ego is soooooo bigggggg that even if I do like someone alotttttt, I would actually never be the first to talk about it so wtf?????


You texted me first, chased me first, took me out on a date in your Girlfriend’s car first and did everything you did FIRST.


U r such a dick



Uhm hello

Date hor look

First day talking compliments flow in like diarrhoea

“Date u out” huntyyyy

Is there a chance I could go out with ya?

I wished I said no. Damn it

Bro you really got what u want.

I make u popular with me ah, together :’)

Stop it ugh

Stop your lies

Stop your cover ups

Stop your excuses

Stop using your charm

Boy in case you don’t realise, looks really is nothing when you’ve got such a repulsive character.

I’m gonna lump it all here, I don’t really wanna do another post talking about this douche bag.

I’m gonna be posting all I had in Boracay with him, videos and photos.

just prove to you guys that someone would do anything and everything to make sure he doesn’t get his cover blown.

With this, I would probably not breathe a single word about him anymore cause it’s honestly such a waste of my time and effort.






























And after such a shit show, you are here in the mood to travel with your gf.

Trust u to come back on New Years


I’m fucking done. What the hell is with your distasteful lies?

What about me being asexual, my dad being your superior?




Bro what the actually fuckery

You serious?????? What the fuck

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ash27 (avatar)

ash27 Sending lots of love to you πŸ’•

9 months ago

saraxjanelle (avatar)

saraxjanelle Siala. Although I know this story alr, still damn entertaining hahaha fk this fuccboii

9 months ago

jessicaasella (avatar)

jessicaasella Nobody deserves what you went through but I’m sure this will make you way stronger. One day you’ll find the guy who deserves your love! Hugs & love πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

9 months ago

thegirlwhogrowls (avatar)

thegirlwhogrowls this is seriously mindblowing. i feel for you πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” it must be gut wrenching. i dunno how people like this can sleep at night omfg. karma always comes back to bite them in the ass, just wait and see. stay strong alrite! 😘😘😘

9 months ago

alterego (avatar)

alterego have no words to say, it must have been a really tough period. Sending you lots of love! You are strong to walk away from it! You’re right he doesn’t deserve any of your kindness.

9 months ago

eileenloves (avatar)

eileenloves Urgh finally. His reputation doesn’t deserved to be saved lah wth how can someone like that exists?!

9 months ago

baobaosaur (avatar)

baobaosaur 5 timing omg. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» he must be damn trained to do this. the next one will be better. ❀️❀️ take care.

9 months ago

kxitingk (avatar)

kxitingk WTF HE IS MY PRIMARY sch mate AND HES FUCKING MESSED UP ON THE NEXT LEVEL? Ew. Gurrrrrl u deserve so much betterπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ sending you lots of positive vibes

9 months ago

catchingautumn (avatar)

catchingautumn Really sorry to hear about the ordeal you went through; you deserve all the happiness in your future so don't let someone so unworthy spoil it. Take care!

9 months ago

jjjoan (avatar)

jjjoan He seriously messed with the wrong girl. You go girl. Please don’t even spare a space of him in your heart anymore!

9 months ago

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