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June 2019

Exams, internship finding and house hunting all at the same time. Can’t say I’ve been this stressed before. Sick of going for house inspections, so fucking sick of studying, and so so sick of applying for jobs. Is this what adulting feels like? Honestly can’t deal.

May 2019

Feel so disconnected from everyone back home

How do you stop feeling empty?

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Melbourne I miss you🙂 I miss seeing this view from my window. I miss walking everywhere. I miss being around my friends all the time. I miss the cheap wine. I miss the weather. I miss how chill the days and people are. I even kinda miss school HAHAH. Sg brings out the worst in me HAHA See you in 1.5 months melb

Been back for 2 months now wtf how time flies. I’ll be going back in another 1.5 months and somehow I’m dreading it. Last month I couldn’t wait to go back and now I want to stay HAHA. Humans are funny aren’t they? I think it’s because I’m settled and adapted back to life here so thinking of leaving everyone behind again just sucks ☹️ Urgh such first world problems

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