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Because Papa Tang gonna work late again!!!

But so sweet of him to video call us, ensuring I'm doing good.. (Because I strained my back again) 😭😭

And the moment Baby Tang saw Papa Tang thr the call, she started PAPA!! PAPA!! (Smile Brightly)

I think hubby heart really melted and she made his day... She also kept giving Papa Tang lots of flying kisses and dunno what she trying to say to him again.. So sad that my phone can't video down that moment..

When I told Baby Tang Papa needs to work.. She said bye bye in a sad tone with lots of kisses..

Why mama dun have 1 arhx!!! 😂😂

Sometimes, I'm think Baby Tang can be really sweet...

She will automatically hug me if she sense that I'm upset..

But she can be pretty stubborn too and she want it her ways most of the time despite telling her NO!!!

But then, I still love her shoo much even thought she love Papa Tang more!!!

So last week, Baby Tang learned to put her dirty laundry into the basket and also throwing her diaper into the dustbin.. #ProudMama

It really seems that she understand things bit by bit..

I guess, it will be her responsible for putting her dirty laundry into the basket and throwing her diaper into the bin from now on.. 🙊🙊

Day 147

Monday, 27 May 2019

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