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#TB to last weekend when Baby Tang needs a haircut.. Her fringe is covering her eye, and honestly speaking, I feel like keeping it this length.. 😅😅

But Papa Tang insist on cutting as her hair is poking her eye.. Ok la.. Papa Tang has a point..

Goodbye fringe fringe...

Someone super duper into her food that she don't really bother what is going on.. 😂

But when her 🥦 is finished, she started to realise what is going on.. Laugh die me..

Oh No.. Mami... Please dun tell me i'm getting my hair cut!!

Because I wanna keep long long then pretty pretty!!!

Still wailing for having her hair cut... Poor Baby Tang...

Sometimes I dun understand what babies think.. So I assume she doesn't wanna cut her hair la..

Finally done, but her fringe abit short arhx.. 😅😅

And when I asked if Baby Tang is pretty, she gave a small nod...

Ask her wanna cut shorter... she shake her head aggressively as if she understand.. 😂😂

Because Baby Tang didn't climb down the chair during her hair cut, Mama her ordered 🥑🥛 and share with her... (No Ice, no sugar) 👍

A little small reward for Baby Tang who behaved well. 🙊🙊

Ok la, I think you still look cute with short fringe.. ❤

Sometimes, parenting is the world toughest job!!! A job that isn't paid and yet we are just willing to do so..

#Iloveyou3000 (ok.. this sentence made me so emotion) 😭

Super loving this picture of the both of them...

Because Father's Day is around the corner, I can't wait for Saturday to arrive to celebrate father's day.. ❤

🏠 sweet 🏠

Decided to packed her shoe cabinet and I was pretty shocked by the amount of shoes Baby Tang have..

I think she has more shoes than me and I promised Papa Tang to stop getting shoes till she outgrow all this.. #Justsaying 🙊

Baby Tang: Mummy!! FYI... I'm not an 🐙🐙..

Day 161

Monday, 10 Jun 2019

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