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July 2019

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SevenTeen Month Old

Triple great news for the month of Jul... I didn't expect my wish I made for hubby came true.. Glad it happened..Somehow, good things really worth the wait... I'm really happy for my hubby.. 🥰🥰I guess it is my turn to wait for a good career opportunity.. Hopefully, everything is gonna be smooth as planned.. 👨‍👩‍👧

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Solo parenting today because her nanny sprain her back yesterday... I think!!! My back will die too today!!! 😂😂

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Yearly Health Check Up

How time flies... It is time for my yearly health check up again!!! I went with hubby last year during our 2nd Anniversary.. But hubby only have to do once in 2 years... Me on the another hand got to do yearly because of my mom cancer case.. But again, I really got no idea what cancer had took her life and I dunno how to explained it to the doctor..So, I texted my dad and asked... Damm funny that he got super worried and say he is gonna buy supplements for me to prevent bad cells.. 🥰

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