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Kai woke up feeling excited and asked if Molly Bus is coming today which I told him yes!

Then we went to sch all feeling very happy and energetic

But suddenly Kai walked into the classroom and U turn out and start to hug my legs and refuse to go and keep Ask me to carry him

Sigh don’t know why also?

End up teachers carried him in and I bid my farewell and went off but I heard him crying while I am outside 💔

But I take it that he will be alright after awhile

Come pick up time, his friend sat on the chair to wear his shoes and Kai kept whining that he wants to sit

I told him we can go to another chair but he insists he wants the chair, asked him to wait awhile and he sat down on the floor and kept saying, “I want to sit on that chair, I want to sit on that chair”

Felt abit paiseh when his classmates parents waved goodbye to him and he jus looked away 😥

Saw his English teAcher also he refuse to say bye

Asked him why is he not being nice?

He replied me, “I am just shy”


And so came bk Home and he don’t wan to eat by himself, wants me to feed

And says he’s tired

But yet at the same time refuse to go shower nor go bed earlier

I took his toys and played and he snatched back from me saying it’s all his toys!

Super whiny today and even says he wants me to carry him to bed

Aiyooo and the most torturing part for us is that he requested for a fire station LEGO

We told him we can get it during his birthday

Everytime we walked past he says he wanna get that so daddy told him ok to buy now but needs to wait till Birthday then open

He said ok and I even video him saying that as a proof

But for the past 2 days he kept saying he wants to build the fire station, he wants to build the fire station

So much so that I feel like returning bk the LEGO to shop

The said set


So Kaipapa was nice also and let him build on some other LEGOs that he bought previously but have not opened up

we know Kai likes to build for the novelty but he will only plays for awhile and just leave it one side

Sigh how to let him know that he has to appreciate his toys??

Must I really throw away everything so that he knows toys are really precious?? 😔

This was Kai yesterday helping to build the LEGO

He sort of is able to understand and piece it together after seeing the instructions but daddy has to find the pieces for him first



Opps that’s Kaipapa eating at the same time hehe




N the attention span for this set is just abt 30 mins max 😅

Hopefully he wakes up tomorrow feeling refreshed and energetic

Day 29

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2019

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