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Mummy to Kai

December 2018

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New Year Eve

Last day of the Year 2018And best of all its company off day! Initially I am expected to support closing at home but really thankfully I manage to get it all cleared! Yippee!! Win ✌🏼Let’s throw back to yesterday first heheWe gate crashed Jie’s staycation yesterday for a swim

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Was standing outside the bathroom and heard this conversation inside beside Kaipapa and Kai“Why kor kor says I m big and fat and kor kor is small and thin”Wahh heading this makes me feels abit upset #1 I don’t know why the kor kor said that? Because Kaipapa n Kaimama is fat so Kai will be fat Nxt time?#2 this conversation was at least 3-4 months ago and suddenly Kai brought this up means this has always been in his mind? 😢 Soo Small only already being judge?

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Abit emo Xmas eve1. Working full day on a Xmas eve2. Kai didn’t wanna go into sch this morn (could be that he’s tired xos he slept pass midnight yesterday)He kept standing outside the door and says he wanna go home. Sigh Kai..if Mummy no need to work will surely bring u home but I can’t......3. Lonely Xmas lunch. 4. Kaipapa bringing Kai out to play and I am stuck in office 😭😭

I ask Kai, what words starts with J?He replied, “Jia Le”His classmate’s nameLol 😂 don’t know to laugh or what xos he’s not wrong alsoRecently he and this friend is abit love hate relationshipOne day says Jia le don’t like him. Angry with himToday suddenly says they are good friends now😪

Trying to record down things when Kai says..sometimes I realise I always forget. Now I think I know why whenever I ask My Mummy abt my baby times, she will says she forgot already. Cos it’s just 3 years Plus and I already forgotten a lot of things 😓😓Anyway Kai saw Kaipapa’s army costume and says, “look what I found? What is this?”Then we told him daddy last time is a solider and next time is his turnKai reply, “I don’t want to be a solider because i don’t want to fight”#worldpeace

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