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June 2019

I'm just so disappointed in myself. Who is willing to give me a chance?

May 2019

I have to keep the faith. The best is yet to come.

March 2019

The dream felt so real. I ended up almost tearing. I felt like a disappointment. How much I have suffered in the past. I thought I would reap the rewards someday. When will the day come?

After all this time, I still think of you. I even dreamt of you. Looking at the past messages sent to me by the rest, I got reminded of how badly I was treated. But, I still feel the regrets every now and then. Was it worth it giving up just because of you? Could I have held on for that few more months?The past 2 years with you were definitely horrible for me. I slept little hours. I cried almost everyday. I forced myself to persevere. I wanted to prove that I was also capable.

February 2019

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