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August 2019


Other than becoming a FTWM, I think I'm also an EP mom now. My biggest issue in my life now always revolves around pumping. I'm always worrying if I'd get to find time for pumping.

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the start as a FTWM

I'm unofficially back to work for full time today. Although it's school holidays, I am back at school to give my year 6 pupils extra tuition as UPSR examination is around the corner.

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30 l 3 months old today

My son somewhat STTN. We had guests coming last night and he went to bed later than usual at about 10pm. Last feed was 9.30pm and only woke up at 5.30am for milk and continued sleeping till 8.30am.. Ahhh, thank you son! This is the bestest sleep your mother have in this 3 months time 😍

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not ready to go back to work l 100 days party

I'm supposed to go back to work today but I decided to apply 2 days leave as its mid term school holidays this Saturday so I feel like no point going back. I rather spend another 10 days with my son. Thankfully my superior approved my leave as it is the 'peak' time at school now and normally leaves won't be approved so easily.

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