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Each time when I hear 'Can you feel the love tonight' my thoughts will always bring me back to the night where we sang k together for the first time in TW. When you sang it together with Roy, that got Roy turning to me and telling me 'I can't believe I'm singing this love song with a man'

I miss you so much Steven. One year plus just flew by like this, but its as tho you never left us at all. Until today, I can still hear your distinct laughter so clearly in my head.

Pubg with this 2 niggas last night was so fun. Buay tahan when both of them just want to be black in their character hahahaha.

Anyway I went to play right after dinner and was feeling so dizzy that I told Stan to continue on his own while I rest for abit. He was so cute to check on me to made sure I was okay and like after the gaming session he still told me to hurry home and rest as I said I wasn't feeling too good earlier.

Day 201

Saturday, 20 Jul 2019

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