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March 2019

I dont know why i have to meet what i call "traffic misunderstandings" every now and then. Misunderstanding in the sense ppl arrive at the scene, not knowing what happened just before they arrive, to see you in that position you are in and start hurling verbal abuse at you. This world is just so warped. Do A wrong, do B also wrong. cant please everybody.

Earlier this week, HD said "i wish i have two mummies and two daddies".This was right after she shared that some families have stepparents, some single parent, some have carers, etc.So i asked her why. She related to a scenario that i shared with her earlier where if it rains, didi will wear raincoat while HD will have to hold her umbrella on her own (which she has been doing in sg anyway, but i did mention the wind would be stronger and she has to hold tight).

January 2019

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How to build resilience

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