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August 2019

Only sales people with a lack of integrity would call a vacation, where elderly mom is accompanied on the flights but not at the location itself, a family vacation - on social media nonetheless.This is why i rather buy fr people who cant convince me into buying their products because they would learn that you dont need to throw away integrity to earn the money.

If i dont have to feed my kids or watch them at mealtimes, and also not have to rush them to appointments, i could be so much better as a mom.

Went shopping today and it was so shiok! The aisles were empty and the shelves mintly stocked! Saw a few moms lose it on their kids tho! I reckom tuesdays are for pms shoppers who may go berserk with sounds of colliding trolley lines? 🙋‍♀️

after im done preggers with second born, i started monitoring my moods and after 17 months, there seems to be a consistent pattern.On days when I dont feel like doing anything esp chores, just wanna lie in bed all day... thats when ovulation happens.My PMS starts about 1.5 weeks b4 dayima's arrival and prior to pms, i will be very goot lat in cleaning, clearing tasks, etc. PMS will peak a few days b4 menses and i also get headache 1 or 2 days before that.Is this normal? If it is,

Have been binge watching "The Good Place" and i could relate so much to the show, especially the character of Eleanor. But point i wanna make is, the last epi i watched mentioned "humans are always waiting for something to be over"... so true.

Yday hubs agreed to bring HD to her friend's bday party so that i can cacoon myself at home not having to mingle. Then this morning, the first thing he said to me when he woke up, "do you wanna go instead?"Hahaha why we so scared.

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