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brewing my rainbow

August 2019

back to the grind

9 weeks + 2 days post partum. It's my first day back at work today!

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Timely reminder for me

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8 weeks pp update

It's baby A's first day at infant care today. She is 8 weeks today. Some people around me have expressed concerns about sending her for childcare this early. My in laws and parents are very supportive though, cos they know it's not easy for me to be her main caregiver, and they have also seen how tired (emotionally and physically) I am.In the span of 8 weeks since giving birth I have lost 10kg, more than my pregnancy weight gain. So yay?

July 2019

sleep begets sleep?

#dayremummies#dayrebabiesMy 7 weeks baby (4 weeks if adjusted from due date) frequently has some sleep problems at night (between 10pm to 4am). It's the most unpredictable time frame in the day. She sometimes has interrupted sleep after her milk before midnight and then wakes up, very cranky, cries and cries until she tires out between 2 to 4am.

I have bad asthma and was prescribed antibiotics and all things steroids which means pump and dump again.I just want to be a good mother. Why is it so hard.

6 weeks into parenthood

My emotions for the past week, in fact since baby came around, has been rollercoster-ing. Now I feel like my first month in the confinement centre, though not giving a realistic impression of early motherhood, was super relaxing and has given me ample rest, and I m truly starting to miss it haha. At least I don't have to go through so much emotional turmoil. I had a meltdown yesterday. And my husband and PIL's was worried about PND.

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