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Mostly work lunches

Work lunch 1 = all veggies

Work lunch 2 = mee pok

Dry ramen. You get a soup as a side. Hahaha I do like that you can refill your soup as many times as you want!

Before graduating, must have steam chicken from Ayam penyet stall at science canteen!

When I went out for the first time with another intern

ACTUALLY 4 leaves sandwiches ARE REALLY NICE 😍😍

Look at that potato in a sandwich

Love their tuna and cucumber cos cucumber is quite crunchy

In house cafe at workplace. Other than the fact that the chicken is boneless, the lunch doesn’t leave much impression in me

At Ghim Moh!!! Always got Long queue at this stall so one day I went for lunch at 10.50am and tried it. It just taste like usual duck rice to me 😂😂😂

The key to good Rosti is lots of salt and oil 😂😂

Marche pizza is meh, partly cos I wanted something damn cheesy

PROJECT AÇAI!!!! The only place I eat açai 😂😂😂 still good!!!

Got a blender so been blending things. I think this cup is full of antioxidants 😂😂😂 can’t rmb what I put in exactly!!

Thailand food place near workplace and it is average.

This is at kraftwich!

Hmm not exactly delicious but portion not bad! Maybe should have gotten their kraftwich instead

Hi everybody I go MacDonald eat sauce 😂😂😂 twister fries is delicious 😁

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Monday, 11 Feb 2019

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