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February 2019

week 23 + 1 / questions for moms(-to-be)

Week 23 + 1Just last week, I managed to fit into this cute little pink buttoned down dress that I bought from Bangkok in December. Today, I suddenly cant fit into it anymore.In fact I believe this is the growth spurt. I'm suddenly outgrowing things that i could still comfortably wear the week before!! My stomach is heavier, tighter, and definitely much much bigger now. Even *i* can tell!

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I got @missw to do a digital illustration of vin and I (and django, ft. my bump) and it made into a card and we absolutely loved it!! I guess next time I can do a card with our little boy?😍😍

I know for sure I have a very active bebe and just tonight, I managed to capture a little bit of his kicks on video!! Could've waited longer for the more drastic ones but most were still too mild to be caught properly on camera and I got tired of filming eventually LOL.

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Went for yoga 101 yesterday and I must say I really enjoyed the class!! So far I've only been going for prenatal yoga once a week but I guess now I would like to go for yoga 101 weekly too.Guess I should be upping my workout now to 4x a week.

Despite being pregnant for a few months now, I've never actually FELT pregnant. Like I just notice my stomach getting bigger slightly every few days but reality didnt really hit me like it does now.

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