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August 2019

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It's 330am when I hear bebe begin to stir. I unwrap him from his blanket and he stretches and rubs his little eyes as they slowly begin to flutter open.I carry him over to my bed and as I prepare to latch him, he focuses his eyes directly to mine and is suddenly wide awake and smiling widely at me.At that moment I realize that despite hating my breastfeeding journey thus far, it is actually well worth it.

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After a particularly trying day during the start of the August long weekend, my PILs offered to care for bebe overnight so that vin and I could catch some proper sleep.They took bebe for the night and somehow it became 2 days and 2 nights, which we are VERY grateful for because it meant more rest and couple time for us.

Guys I just watched another Hindi movie on Netflix called BADLA and wtf i enjoyed it so much!!!😂😂 should be taking an afternoon nap with vin but I guess its worth skipping the nap for the movie LOL. It's a murder mystery kinda show.Btw we watched Dangal and I think the storyline is fairly predictable, albeit good. Acting was on point for the actors, of course.. it's just that I like storylines that are unpredictable. Heh.

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Bebe had his vaccination yesterday. He got jabbed 3 times and also got pricked and had his blood drawn to test for traces of jaundice.

I just watched an indian (hindi) movie on Netflix called 3 Idiots and I cant believe I'm saying this but it's one of the best movies I've ever watched!! I've never been so impressed before especially since I've always stereotyped indian movies as being very overly-dramatic and lots of singing.

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