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For various reasons, I very rarely socialize outside of my circle of close friends.

For some reason, I decided to go last weekend. Twice consecutively.

I'm very ok not being the attraction of a gathering. I don't feed on attention and I feel that I don't attract attention. Not that anybody did during our gatherings, just that some well meaning friends pushed me to go beyond and over what I would have done if left alone.

Let's just say I tried my best Liao 🤣

Food was very very good. I was really 有眼不识泰山, I didn't realize that the owner of ONAKA cooked for us that day.

I first ate at ONAKA during a sponsored review, and I 真心的 loved the food.

All of us there.

Goosebumps because "live intentionally and mindfully" is my blog mantra.

Never expected to receive a personally signed copy.

Joy flipping through the cookbook with me nagging at her not to damage it.

The unforgettable item.

Banana was dehydrated, ice cream was just frozen bananas and that brownie was heavenly.

School after school after school. The anxiety and stress of parents of primary one going kids.

Unexpected to receive food at the end. I was famished.

Day 192

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017

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