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Eating leftovers since 2011. No, technically, 2012, coz Joy is a nov baby.

#momlife #dayremoms #dayremums

I'm going on a no kid, no hubby trip in July to BBK! #singleoncemore

Woo hoo!

Dinner prepped in 15 mins. All I did was :

1. Put the pre-marinated wings on a lined baking tray. Set baking time and temperature.

2. Fill water in multi-layer steamer.

3. Wash 2 cups of rice and put the appropriate amt of water, put into bottom most later of steamer

4. Chop up a super fresh pearl corn and put in 2nd layer of steamer.


This corn is the only thing I will buy for Joy to eat if I can find it.

MEGA SWEET. Joy said she cannot stop eating.

I love using bake ware as serve ware. They go from cooking to table.

This one is an Ikea bake ware that has an exact maximum capacity for 2 cups of rice. All I do is wash till water runs clean, fill up the entire thing with water and steam haha #dayrecooks

When it's cooked, the rice raises above the bowl but will not overflow or touch any part of my steamer haha #ocd

Some for tonight's dinner, some for fried rice tml. Gaodim 2 day's worth of carbo! No need to wash rice cooker pot!

Teaching Joy about Day and Night. #Joyotd

Day 108

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2017

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