ESTELLA (avatar)
updated 1 year ago

Yesterday was my dad's 67th birthday. Same day as Le bestie's dad.

Feast to us

MY DAD GOT NDP TICKETS FOR ACTUAL DAY!!! He queued 2 hours for it and lost income from time for not driving his cab to give to who?..........

Me! 😢

Happy meal toy

The brother redemption centre is stocked

She now does work on her own

Day 195

Friday, 14 Jul 2017

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meandmy3Js (avatar)

meandmy3Js Ur dad is so love! Really ur 前世情人! Happy bday Uncle!

1 year ago

ESTELLA (avatar)

ESTELLA @meandmy3Js I know right! So sweet de my old ah beng! Haha sorry just saw this, I've been mad busy.

1 year ago

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