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When you get older, you sometimes do things in reverse.

I start cutting some people out from my life. I start making things and time count. I don’t have to be first in line to visit any place or eat/do/have any thing.

I start to care less and less about what people choose to think, because I begin to think that they might not even be forming an opinion about me in the first place.

I take less pictures too. Mostly because I’m in the moment and partly because my fave cam died 😭 #rip

I went to BBK with the bandmates. Not my first solo trip without Joy but a truly enjoyable one that was a real break

I loved eating where the locals eat

I thought of buying this to try

Most amazing that it happened

Joy is graduating from Kindergarten and I feel that I haven’t don’t much for her

Joy went to her first NDP, where I dropped my camera and it was the end.

We got into the finals of a song writing competition. Top 12 out of 428 entries.

I went to BBK again.

Day 270

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017

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meandmy3Js (avatar)

meandmy3Js So pretty in the last pic! U’ve lost weight visibly!

10 months ago

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