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August 2019

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I wonder what is the best place to go for a holiday with a 8 months old baby? I was thinking since hubby & I have more than sufficient leave to take this year, we could probably take our 1st family trip!Checked Thai airways’s prices and for an infant, we’ll only be paying for the tax hence it only cost us $54 for my baby to go Bangkok with us but the problem is, I just went there 1 week ago!A bit silly to travel there again in October...

March 2019

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I’m seeing red once again after like 11months? NOT EVEN A YEAR LEH :( Why must my menses make a comeback so fast?! I am not even going to try for a second baby anytime soon, or rather if ever 🤷‍♀️No wonder I was feeling so pessimistic these 2 weeks la!!! I almost thought I might be having post natal depression 😨 Really is think too much because I’m feeling slightly better today but then again, it could be due to the fact that I napped earlier on thus the good mood 😂

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To always be patient!

Some times I wonder how mentally prepared am I before giving birth? I know there’ll be sleepless nights, tired mind, body & soul and also the feeling of helplessness but to have it all combined together is pretty WTH! This totally new sensation overwhelms me and it brought me to tears on a few occasions, to think I was still doing fine and giving myself a pat just a while back 🙄How wrong was I because now that my daughter is in week 7, the colic crying started and I can’t handle it 🤬

Help needed!

Dear mommies,Is it really so bad to give pacifier to our baby?I am always not against it but somehow today, I feel so guilty giving it to my 1mth old plus baby! I really dunno what is good or bad for my baby anymore.Giving a pacifier seems like a bad idea but it helps me A LOT! I do not have the patience to keep rocking my baby to sleep every single time plus she always cry when we put her down on her bed, it is so frustrating for me till I tear over it.

February 2019

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MY BAOBEI IS A MONTH OLD TODAY! 🎉 Thank you for being healthy even though you’ve mostly been frowning in confusion 😂 Mommy would love to see and hear your laughter soon ok?Can’t believe I’ve been a mom for a month now and that I’ve been having disturbed sleep for the past 18days due to night feeding .. I wonder when can my daughter sleep through the night?Need to start setting a sleep schedule for her soon! Read that babies are receptive to it at around week 6 to 8!

End of Confinement 🎉

Lying on bed now in the dark unable to sleep.. finally ended confinement today! 🎉Honestly speaking, I did not do my confinement well due to the lack of a confinement nanny 😂 We had one with us for 10days which is 容姐, she was helping to cover up the original CL which we hired thus the 10 days.Who knew I could not cope with the thought of staying away from my family that I decided to do w/o a CL for the rest of my confinement! Quite a brave decision I feel haha!

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