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Classpass free trial • Hot Pilates

I swear I did nothing, he ownself push the bunny until it’s on top of his head🤷🏻‍♀️

Honestly April did not start on good note, still trying to make the best of it.

As I had to rush my school assignment, went for a short 3km speed walk as I want to let my muscles rest before Sunday’s run.

Tonight I’ll be utilising my classpass trial and attending my first class! We’ve chosen to go for Hot Pilates.

I’m interested in spinning/Cycling classes but they are so fully booked up! 😢

^ convo with my bro.

Apparently he dreamt that someone has broken Oreo’s bone and was so pissed when he woke up. Noting to himself that he has to give Oreo kisses tonight LOL

Wah I swear we damn joke. Apparently we booked different classes. Okay so I’ve sent her a few links and told her to book the hot pilates, but she just book the first link I’ve sent her which was hot yoga. Thankfully it was both at Bugis despite being different studio!

I’ve reached earlier and she was running late so I went to the studio first, to change outfit. Left my phone in the locker 10mins before class as no phones allowed.

Throughout the class I was looking if she came in.

But she never did! I continued with the class anyway thinking she would have join sometime down.

Class ended quickly (1hour and I love it!). Went out of class and grabbed my phone immediately. Realise she ask me where I was. We both agreed to meet at the entrance but realise we couldn’t see each other (different dimension?)

Then it dawned on us. Omgggggggg I can’t believe it man. What a joke. AHHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway my first ever #classpass. I lovvvvve it. I mean I’ve done pilates long way back? But I love hot pilates because it makes me sweat a lot.

Usually I don’t sweat much even when I exercise which is pretty bad. So this got me dripping wet & I just love it.

I think it’s beginner friendly and I like the instructor’s way, like he will walk around and instructions were pretty clear. But doesn’t force you to push over your limits.

The Hot Yoga that Weiling went at another studio didn’t seem that good. Heard from her that the instructor kind of shamed her and a few others by saying like they shouldn’t even be in the class as they seems amateur for hot yoga 🤷🏻‍♀️

Seems pretty rude? Idk.

She’s always giving in to me when it comes to food 💕 I’ve been craving for yoshinoya for some time already. ☺️

Bought a cupcorn to share as we walk around and chitchatty. 🤓 Never want to lose this little one, you’re stuck being my friend forever.

Day 94

Thursday, 4 Apr 2019

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